Implementing a Solid Global Compliance Training and Translation Strategy

With increasing crack downs on corruption abroad, having a solid global compliance training strategy is essential to prevent and protect your company from corruption allegations. That being said, implementing a thorough global compliance training strategy is difficult when you have subsidiaries abroad – not only does it require well thought out coordination and standardization, but there’s a language barrier that must be overcome as well…


Machine Translation for Legal Cases – Why It’s Usually Not Enough

Technology continues to shape the way we work and interact in global environments. Legal practices are particularly influenced thanks to automated tools like eDiscovery which allow lawyers to search and filter electronic documentation. How does this play into translation? With the help of eDiscovery and a multilingual translator, translation services for international law and compliance cases can be streamlined – but keep in mind the translation process shouldn’t be entirely technical and relying solely on machine translation for legal cases can be problematic. 


Global Corruption on the Rise: The Importance of Legal Translation

Transparency International has recently published the Corruption Perceptions Index for 2016. This index ranks countries by their perceived levels of corruption. According to the recent report, more countries increased in corruption levels, rather than decreased, showing the urgent need for committed action to thwart corruption. With FCPA anti-bribery and corruption requirements increasing, the need for legal translation services is evident.

Telia, Corruption & Regulatory Compliance Translation

Regulatory compliance translation is becoming more and more common as business goes global, and companies face foreign practices that may not be entirely ethical. Members of the international community now demand that companies be responsible for the actions of their foreign subsidiaries, and that they operate in a legal and ethical manner. Telia company is another recent example of a global business caught under accusation of corruption, and serves as another warning for all global companies who do business abroad.


Guanxi Corruption and JP Morgan’s $200 Million Fine

International business practices are complicated  – many times what’s considered normal in one country is outlawed in another. Although the global community is moving more towards a universal standard for corruption compliance, one can still find big names coming under fire for breaking such rules. JP Morgan Chase’s dealings with Chinese partners is one of the latest examples, as they became caught up in Guanxi corruption… (more…)

A Rise in The Battle Against Corruption in India and in Sanskrit

Corruption isn’t a new phenomena; however, the modern fight against it is. In India, measures to control corruption have reached an extreme, with certain bank notes being banned. However, as the country progresses to a future without corruption, they are simultaneously looking to their past with language…


Patenting Machine Translation Techniques

Patenting Machine Translation. Have you heard of that term before? Can you patent an action? No, but you can patent a method of how to implement an action – and that’s just what Google is doing as they push their machine translation capabilities further and further…


Black Mist: The Language of Corruption

Bribery and corrupt practices tend to be hard to identify, and when foreign languages are thrown into the mix they can be even more difficult to observe and report. As rules for international regulatory compliance become more demanding, the need to understand the language of bribery and words related to corruption, such as ”Black Mist Under the Table” is more important than ever. But what happens if your evidence of corruption is hidden in foreign slang…  


The Role of Foreign Language Translation and eDiscovery

Regulatory compliance investigations involving high volumes of documents, regularly have to go through a series of methods in order to determine which materials are most pertinent to the case. Much of this is done through eDiscovery. With FCPA and anti-bribery and corruption standards increasing, the need for foreign language translation and eDiscovery to work in conjunction is evident. 


ISO 37001 and Regulatory Compliance Translation Services

Compliance Translation - Language Connections Solution

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What Can We Do For Your Regulatory Compliance Translation Strategy?

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