Language Connections offers full professional audio and video recording and engineering through partner studios in various countries. Our audiovisual support and subtitling services are tightly integrated into our translation process, providing you the optimum cost/benefit solution for globalizing your media.

Services include:

  • Audio narration and recording
  • Voiceover narration
  • Dubbing video recording and localization (translation, subtitling, closed captioning)

Audio narration

From audiobooks to business reports, makes processing information more convenient and enjoyable in any language.

  • Can be listened to on the go.
  • Professional male and female voice talents in any language.
  • Highest-quality studio equipment is used to deliver crisp and thrilling audio experience.


subtitling services

Voiceover and Dubbing

We work with native-speaking voiceover experts in over 100 languages. Whatever your media – advertising, entertainment, documentary, training materials, animation, or audio – our voice talents will localize your content in the requested gender, tone and style. We employ only professional voice and screen actors with proven track records and high recommendations.

It’s common in the voiceover industry for a single voice to dub more than one character to limit costs, but we guarantee that only accomplished multi-voice artists are assigned to your project. Moreover, no artist is engaged to voice more than three characters in a single feature. At Language Connections, we always choose quality over cutting corners.

Our in-studio directors oversee all voiceover work to ensure proper accentuation and timing. Experienced studio engineers then edit and merge recorded tracks with your video content in any common media format in accordance with your requirements and technical specifications.

Video Subtitling Services and Closed Captioning

Subtitling services and closed captions are must-have features for any publicly distributed audiovisual product. They help promote your content globally in a flexible and inexpensive way. They enhance the perception of your material by local and foreign audiences, and improve accessibility for hearing-impaired viewers.

Our teams of linguists and engineers work with all major media formats.  They provide detail-oriented transcription, time-coding, subtitling services, and translation services.  We carefully add captions on the video (burned-in or in a separate track).

Our quality-assurance team will review the final product to verify that all subtitles and/or captions are readable and do not interfere with your video content.

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