French Translation Services

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Language Connections collaborates with a staff of trained French linguists to provide professional language services. We translate and interpret both from and into French. Our French specialists come from diverse backgrounds and are experts in their subject areas, so there’s never any confusion over terms encountered in both languages but meaning different things. Need a French translator for your conference materials? Call us.

French language services

We offer a full range of French language services to support communication goals, including:

  • French document translation
  • French interpretation
  • French website localization
  • French graphics and DTP
  • French multicultural marketing
  • French subtitling and voiceovers
  • French transcription
  • French E-learning support
  • French language consulting and training
  • French conference services

French as a Language

French is a Romance language officially spoken in over 30 countries. It is descended from Latin but was influenced by the Celtic languages of Gaul and the Germanic language of the Franks. French has now evolved into more than 25 dialects spoken all over the world; however, Metropolitan French, as spoken in Paris, is still considered the standard.
It is the first language of most people born in France, parts of Switzerland, Monaco, parts of Belgium, and Quebec, and is the second language for much of Africa. For over three centuries after the Middle Ages, French was the language of international diplomacy and the upper classes. Today it is one of the official languages of the United Nations.
Due to colonization efforts by both France and Belgium from the 18th to the 20th centuries, French has spread to all regions of the world, heard most prominently in the Americas, Africa, South-East Asia and the Caribbean. In the United States, it remains a secondary language in parts of Louisiana and New England.

French translation services for your industry

As one of the largest French translation services provider, Language Connections offers specialized linguistic solutions to a number of industries, including Life Sciences, Law, Technology and Business.

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