Korean Translation Services

korean translation services

Our Korean translators are experienced in business, legal, medical, technical and other fields, provide a full suite of linguistic services. Language Connections regularly provides Korean translation services, translating both from and into Korean in addition to offering localization and interpreting. We employ only qualified native speakers able to adapt the directness of the American message into the context-based Korean format. Need a Korean version of a commercial for your new ad campaign? Call us.

Korean Language Services

We offer a full range of Korean language services to support communication goals, including:

  • Korean document translation
  • Korean interpretation
  • Korean website localization
  • Korean graphics and DTP
  • Korean multicultural marketing
  • Korean subtitling and voiceovers
  • Korean transcription
  • Korean E-learning support
  • Korean language consulting and training
  • Korean conference services

Korean as a Language

Korean is the official language of both South and North Korea, spoken by some 80 million people worldwide. Like Japanese, Korean is a largely discrete language with no confirmed linguistic relatives, though some linguists place it in the contentious Altaic language family. Some have argued that it has a shared ancestry with Japanese, while others believe that any similarities between the two are the result of borrowing over the centuries.

The modern Korean peninsula is divided between an isolationist dictatorship in the North and a prosperous, free-market South. The duration of this division has led to some differences in the spoken and written language. Though minor, these differences include variations in pronunciation, writing, grammar and, in the North, a special respect accorded in writing to the names of the members of the current political dynasty.

Korean is considered one of the most difficult languages for English speakers to master, requiring more than twice as long as a Romance language to learn to a working level. On the other hand, it is increasingly popular in Japan, whose residents find it considerably easier than their native language.

Korean translation services for your industry

As one of the largest Korean translation services provider, Language Connections offers specialized linguistic solutions to a number of industries, including Life Sciences, Law, Technology and Business.

About Language Connections:

Language Connections is one of the top language service companies in the US. Over the last 30 years, we’ve focused on providing the best business translation services, interpreting services, as well as interpreter training and customized language training programs. In addition to top-tier corporate language training, we offer certified corporate interpreters and professional business translation services in 200+ languages. Our network includes linguists with backgrounds in all major industries. They’re ready to meet your needs, whether they’re for technical translation services, legal translation, government translation services, international development translation services, education translation services, life sciences translation, or something else. Reach out to us today for a free quote on our cost-efficient and timely translation services, interpreters, or other linguistic services.

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