Language Training

Medical Interpreter Training Program


Medical Interpreter Training Certificate Program is a 60-hour 7-week training course that was developed to enable participants to become competent medical interpreters. The course introduces participants to interpreter roles and skills, interpreter ethics, and medical terminology in both English and the target language.

Legal Interpreter Training Program

Our Legal Interpreter Training Program is a 45-hour, 7-week course that qualifies participants to become certified legal interpreters.Students will gain an understanding of the Massachusetts legal system and the Standards and Procedures for Court Interpreters, the document that regulates professional court interpreting in Massachusetts.


Community Interpreter Training Program


This 7-week 45-hour program was developed to enable participants to become competent community interpreters qualified to work for state agencies, municipal agencies, local government and non-governmental organizations, investigators, union representatives, advertising firms, news media, and police departments.

Corporate Language Training Program

Our customized on-site/off-site Corporate Language Training programs are specifically designed for busy professionals to help them acquire necessary language skills in the minimum amount of time.
We provide English as a Second Language Training (ESL), Foreign Language Training and Cross-cultural training.
We offer small group or private classes.