Transcription ServicesLanguage Connections offers standalone, customized transcripts of all media types. Internet video/audio, live broadcasts, DVDs, taped recordings can be made available as transcripts in both translated and untranslated forms.

We provide transcription services for your personal use, such as archiving/restoring old recordings, documenting lectures and talks (useful for students), keeping records of meetings or court sessions, preparing content for internal editing, or controlling the quality of on-site interpreting, as used in medical and legal situations.

Audio and Video Transcription Services

Our linguists use their native language skills, industry experience and the latest software to accurately reproduce your content in written form, in any language

Language Connections has experience working with a wide range of transcription products including:

  • Legal transcripts
    court hearings, pleadings, bench and jury trials, custody cases, witness interviews, voice-mail messages
  • Medical transcripts
  • Interview transcripts
    Question-and-answer sessions for medical, scientific, business purposes, informal talks or scripted meetings with a series of participants.
  • Audio transcripts
    one-to-one or multiple participants, business meetings, conference and seminar audio to text conversions
  • Video transcripts
    DVD’s, videotapes, podcasts, webcasts and streaming media
  • Conference transcripts
    presentations or panel sessions, interpretation recordings
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