Language Connections offers standalone, customized transcripts of all media types. Internet video/audio, live broadcasts, DVDs, taped recordings can be made available as transcripts in both translated and untranslated forms.

We provide transcription services for your personal use, such as archiving/restoring old recordings, documenting lectures and talks (useful for students), keeping records of meetings or court sessions, preparing content for internal editing, or controlling the quality of on-site interpreting, as used in medical and legal situations.

Audio and Video Transcription Services

Our linguists use their native language skills, industry experience and the latest software to accurately reproduce your content in written form, in any language

Language Connections has experience working with a wide range of transcription products including:

  • Legal transcripts
    court hearings, pleadings, bench and jury trials, custody cases, witness interviews, voice-mail messages
  • Medical transcripts
  • Interview transcripts
    Question-and-answer sessions for medical, scientific, business purposes, informal talks or scripted meetings with a series of participants.
  • Audio transcripts
    one-to-one or multiple participants, business meetings, conference and seminar audio to text conversions
  • Video transcripts
    DVD’s, videotapes, podcasts, webcasts and streaming media
  • Conference transcripts
    presentations or panel sessions, interpretation recordings
  • All of the project managers and translators were professional and considerate… read more

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    Maggie Flatley
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    Kristina K Rost, Esq.
    MAGED & ROST, P.C.
  • We are very grateful for all that you do for us and we look forward to working with you in the future. Please feel free to forward this to any specific translators who have done work for us. They do such a great job and we are all very grateful for it.

    Progeria Research Foundation
    The Progeria Research Foundation
  • Exceptional service, professional interpretation, and staff that were easy to work with… read more

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    Charles J. Hooker III
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  • [LC] has an in-depth understanding of the unique demands and procedures in the pharma/biotech industry.

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  • Language Connections has been a vital source for translating foreign documents. The professionalism, accuracy of translation and speedy turnaround time on projects have proven to be key factors in completing our matters. The team approach at Language Connections allowed us to be updated from start to finish. I look forward to working with Language Connections for all our translation needs.

    Michael F. Leary
    Attorney at Law, Konowitz & Greenberg, P.C.
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    Galyna Andriyko
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  • These translations look great. You have done a great job making the Russian science jargon into understandable English sentences. It is also impressive that you managed to translate the last application with only a few days’ notice. Thank you for the high quality work!

    CRDF Global
    Project Manager
    CRDF Global
  • This company provides a consistently superior product at an extremely competitive cost!

    Language Connections Reviews - Defense Institute For Medical Operations
    Lead Mission Specialist
    Defense Institute for Medical Operations
  • Subject-matter expertise and deep multicultural experience… read more

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    Director of Engineering, Tekscan
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    Patent Law Attorney, Houston Eliseeva LLP
  • I am grateful to you for your able assistance. You are to be commended for a job well done on behalf of the U.S. Government.

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