Corporate English Language Training Resources

Below you will find an index of our help and information pages surrounding our Corporate English Language Training programs. If you still have questions about our programs after reading, or would like to speak to our program coordinator about setting up a training program for your company, please fill out our Contact Form.

Corporate English Classes On Site - Two Workers at a Plant

Benefits of Corporate English Classes On-Site

Investing in corporate English classes on-site has many benefits for employees – it promotes higher quality learning in a familiar environment, while allowing control over scheduling. Language Connections offers tailored on-site language training nationwide. Learn how we can improve your employees’ language skills!


Who Needs English For Professionals?

Investing in English for professionals at your company is increasingly vital for service and client facing roles. Language Connections offers fully customized corporate English classes for industries where knowing English makes the difference between a sale or a dissatisfied customer. Learn more about our programs!


English for Software Developers

Java, Python, Ruby and C# are all crucial tech skills for software developers or computer programmers.  However, even if you have some (or all) of these languages, you may still be missing an equally crucial skill: intensive business English and basic English communication skills.  Instead of picking up another hot new programming language, you might be more successful if you took some English for Software developers with Language Connections!

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