English program for businesses

3 Reasons Why a Business English Program Can Boost Your Business

Businesses often hire new employees, assuming that the person they really need works outside the company. Instead of an external job search, though, employers should look internally. Training is one of the ways to both increase an employee’s potential and prep them to fill your open roles. Particularly in companies ...
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columbus ships

5 Ways To Not Celebrate Columbus Day

Many people view Columbus Day as a chance to miss work and indulge in some shopping with big sales.  However, many people are coming to see Columbus Day as a holiday that should be ignored or abolished altogether.  Read more to learn about the controversy surrounding Columbus Day and how ...
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song translation challenges

Challenges in Song Translation

Music carries universal messages. However, music translation can be tricky, especially due to differences in cultures. Songs are a product of culture, and it can be challenging to maintain the meaning and message of the lyrics within the scope of a new cultural context.  Even in a song that seems to ...
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french translation of back to school

The French Translation of ‘Back to School’

The back to school season is a big deal for American parents and children. This notion also holds true in France, where their back to school traditions are as elaborate, if not more than that of America’s. In France, they call it ‘la rentrée.’  It’s not only about students or ...
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Russian translation mistakes

3 Mistakes People Make Translating from Russian to English

Did you know that Russian word “возможность” can be translated to English in 2 different ways: as “opportunity” or “possibility?”  Did you know that English syntax is more strictly structured than Russian syntax? The word order isn’t nearly as flexible in English as it is in the Russian language.  Interpreters ...
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American sign language coffee shop

Starbucks Will Open First American Sign Language Signing Store in U.S.

Ordering a “grande java chocolate chip frappe, skimmed milk, extra chips, no whipped cream and an extra shot” is a mouthful for any Starbucks client. But for deaf people, just a simple cup of coffee could already pose a challenge! Accomplishing even the most basic transactions like ordering food in ...
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labor day history phillipines

Interesting Facts about Labor Day History (Part II)

Labor Day was important in historically underdeveloped economies to provide basic labor rights to working class citizens. In some instances, it even fueled nationalistic or revolutionary movements through successful labor union outfits. Read on to learn more about Labor Day history around the world in the conclusion of our series ...
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labor day history worker

Interesting Facts About Labor Day History (Part I)

Labor Day history here in the US honors the American labor movement. It celebrates the contribution of laborers and the working class to the economic and social well-being of the country. The American Labor Day is similar to “Labour” Day, or International Workers Day, or May Day. While they’re symbolically ...
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Weddings Around The World

A look at traditions for weddings from around the world demonstrates the uniqueness of each culture and country. At the same time, no matter how different these practices, there is one final goal they all hold in common - to create a happy and prosperous family.   Language Connections is happy ...
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languages in Papua New Guinea

Do You Know Which Country Uses over 800 Languages?

Would it surprise you that a country the size of California has over 800 languages?  This small, relatively obscure nation, is home to unprecedented language diversity.  Read on to see what country it is.  We'll also discuss how this linguistic phenomenon came to be, as well as what it means ...
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