languages in Papua New Guinea

Do You Know Which Country Uses over 800 Languages?

Would it surprise you that a country the size of California has over 800 languages?  This small, relatively obscure country, is home to unprecedented language diversity.  Read on to see what country it is.  We'll also discuss how this linguistic phenomenon came to be, as well as what it means ...
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Interpreters body language

3 Common Body Language Mistakes for Interpreters to Avoid

There’s a common saying that goes, “Actions speak louder than words.” But more often than not, you might find that the former is just as important - learning a foreign language might not be enough for interpreters to break the language barrier! If you need to interpret for a client, ...
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Leo Galperin of language connections

Employee Spotlight: Leo Galperin, Founder and President of Language Connections

We’re launching our brand new Language Connections employee spotlight interview series!  We’ll be talking to employees about their experiences at the company, their passions for translation, localization services, and interpretation services.  We’ll hear about their victories, their challenges and their favorite languages and words.  This month, we’re featuring Leo Galperin, ...
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medical interpreting helps doctors

3 Signs of Good Medical Interpreting

When you or a family member is ill, you don’t want to go to a subpar hospital or doctor.  If you or a family member is sick and needs interpretation, then it’s equally important to have great medical interpreting and medical translation.  Having good communication with your caregivers means you ...
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ethics and state interpreters and Putin

Facts You Can Learn about State Interpreters from Trump and Putin’s Private Meeting

State interpreters help bridge the language gap during meetings, summits or conferences. But presidential interpreters not only facilitate communication between languages---they also serve important roles. They act as confidants, record keepers, de facto diplomats and fact-checkers! Certified interpreters like them also witness and take part in pivotal moments of history ...
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English language training for software developers

English Language Training for Software Developers

It comes as no surprise that knowledge in Java, Python, Ruby and C# are crucial for software developers or computer programmers. However, sometimes software developers are missing some equally crucial skills: intensive business English and basic English communication skills.  Besides picking up another hot new programming language, they’d be more ...
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Spanish commentating Soccer

Why is Soccer Commentary Different in Spanish and English?

Did you know that two of the most popular languages for commentating on soccer (or football) are English and Spanish?  And did you know that the difference between Spanish and English commentary lies in more than just the language?  “Spanish commentary” or “Latino style commentary” has a few features that ...
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German translation of soccer mania

German Translation of World Cup Fun

Did you know that German is one of FIFA’s four official languages (the others being English, French and Spanish)?  FIFA’s official professional translation services and interpreting services will include German translation, as they do every World Cup. Since Soccer is the most popular sport in Germany, they have a lot ...
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American Independence Day

Interpreting Independence Day Around the World

When the 4th of July comes around, cities in the US are bustling with people all decked out in red, white and blue.  They spend the day enjoying barbecue, hot dogs and beer. In many schools, libraries, and government buildings, excerpts of the Declaration of Independence (a document that has ...
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translating and interpreting for soccer

Translating and Interpreting for the World Cup

The FIFA World Cup is, among other things, a large global business.  Players, coaches, managers, support staff, marketing staff, medical staff, and even event staff are from all over the world and speak hundreds of languages.  Sometimes players on the same team don’t even speak the same language, as players ...
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