Professional business translation services for Valentine's Day

Professional Business Translation Services for Valentine’s Day

February 14th, better known as Valentine’s Day, has become an industry valued at almost $20 billion. Across the world, couples and friends exchange gifts as a sign of affection for each other. Because of this, Valentine’s day is one of the biggest days of the year for many companies across ...
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e-learning localization tips

Why Your School Should Use E-Learning Localization

Everyone has heard of e-learning, but what about e-learning localization? E-Learning Localization is the process of translating the sections in an online course into multiple languages and keeping a cultural awareness in the process. This is one step beyond simple e-learning translation because it ensures that classroom materials are even ...
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Global Patient Recruitment For Clinical Trials

Linguistic Services for Patient Recruitment Flow Chart

International clinical trials are becoming more common, as is the need for language services to support them. Even if you aren't looking to recruit patients from abroad, you may still require a translator or interpreter. Not sure? Read on ...
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marketing for translation and localization services

Employee Spotlight: Sam Keefe, Marketing Manager at Language Connections

Welcome to the fifth installment in our Language Connections employee spotlight interview series! We’ll be talking to employees about their experiences working at this language service provider, their passions for localization, translation services, and interpreter services. This month, we’re featuring our Marketing Manager, Sam Keefe. Read more about how she ...
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why patent translation

What Exactly is Patent Translation?

Why is Patent Translation Important? These days, companies aspire to succeed not only on a national level, but also in the international landscape. To achieve that goal and triumph globally, companies need to ensure the protection of any unique or innovative proposals. Here, patent translation is the key. It’s not ...
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Medical Interpreting Pictures

Medical Interpreting Clears Up Major (and Funny) Miscommunications

In the US, patients with Limited English proficiency have a right to receive equal healthcare.  A few legal sources protect this right, including an executive order from Bill Clinton about Title VI in 2000, as well as the findings for Lau v. Nicols in 1974.  Even with a legally-protected right, ...
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the meal of thanks giving day

Commonly Mistaken Food Origins

Turkey on Thanksgiving Many foods considered part of the traditional Thanksgiving meal were not necessarily served during the first Thanksgiving (or at least not in the form that they are eaten today). For one thing, wild fowl was certainly more common than the domestic turkey that dominates the table today ...
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International Marketing Fails - Fast Food In Different Countries

10 International Marketing Fails due to the lack of Translation and Localization Services

Various companies have made linguistic and cultural errors when expanding their businesses into global markets. The lesson to avoid your own international marketing fails? It's extremely important to localize your marketing materials by using professional translation and localization services from reputed language service providers! ...
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New Years traditions

Global New Years Traditions Guide By Language Connections

Everyone in one form or another celebrates the New Year, some in January, others in February (Chinese New Year) or March (Persian New Year). Most Global New Years traditions involve some kind of typical feast. This year our international team at Language Connections shares their families'  New Year's Eve traditions. Please ...
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Solstice Festivals

6 Winter Solstice Festivals

Since ancient times, people all over the world have celebrated the winter solstice festivals. Some past traditions have greatly influenced major holidays that we celebrate today.  As you prepare for your own winter holiday season, here are six winter solstice festivals' traditions from around the world. Language Connections wishes you a happy ...
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