Advanced English Skills

3 Reasons to Give Employees Advanced English Training

In today’s diverse workplaces, communication can be difficult. Investing in advanced English skills can vastly improve many facets of work life.  Talented employees who excel with their niche technical skills, long-studied trades, etc. might struggle to clearly communicate with coworkers or clients during the most commonplace situations. This can be ...
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movie translations in french

4 Funny Movie Titles Botched Due to the Lack of Professional Translation and Localization Services

Hilarious Movie Title Translations Fails Caused by Ignoring the Importance of Translation and Localization Services There have always been issues regarding how producers translate their films into different languages. There are new movies coming up every week and everywhere around the world. Importing new movies outside the host country means ...
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Business English Writing

5 Ways Business English Writing Improves Employee Performance

If your employees can't communicate clearly, their job performance will be hampered.  Poor communication skills will affect employees all work day long.  Investing in a Business English Writing course will undoubtedly make your team more effective and will even increase your company’s bottom line! Business English Writing Helps Their Career ...
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eLearning translation

The importance of Localization for eLearning Translation

For a growing industry expected to be worth over 300 billion by 2025, eLearning translation has become a burning need for academic institutions. eLearning has also become important for organizations as they create digital training programs for their employees, and as they’re translating employee handbooks and providing LEP employees with ...
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language service companies

How language service companies can help you implement e-Learning trends

Current eLearning trends are based on accessibility and technology. Naturally, multilingual training and eLearning translation services will improve the eLearning experience for students, organizations and academic institutions. Language service companies can enhance eLearning platforms’ effectiveness with multilingual chatbots, game-based lessons and adaptive video training. AI and Learning Assistance empowered by ...
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speaking English in public

Why Your Employees Need a Course for Speaking English in Public

Presentations in the workplace can be a big challenge, especially if you are not a native speaker of English and you feel like your career is on the line. However, public speaking skills and presentation can be taught and learned! There are a plethora of language service companies out there ...
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Business English

Top 3 Reasons Why Business English is Important for Your LEP Employees

Employees in the American workforce come from a multitude of non-Anglophonic countries. Teaching business English to your workers can be essential to creating a strong, effective workforce. Read on to find out some of the top reasons why business English is of the utmost importance for LEP employees in the ...
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Brand Mistranslations

Funny Slogan and Brand Mistranslations due to the Lack of Translation and Localization Services

Avail Translation and Localization Services to Avoid Brand Mistranslations! What happens if a company uses machine translation instead of using translation and localization services from a certified language services provider? You might be safe if you're just trying to say "hello" in Italian, but businesses expanding into foreign markets often ...
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English communication skills

3 tips to improve your English communication skills

If you’ve been considering brushing up on your English communication skills, simply watching television shows or movies in English won’t be enough; neither will living in an English-speaking neighborhood.  Learning English isn’t a passive activity—you need to put effort into it.  Read on for 3 tips that we think are ...
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Business Translations Services

20 Funny English Sign Translations Caused by Not Using Business Translation Services

When travelling, especially in areas that are popular for English-speaking tourists, you may find lots of signs that are intended to make communication easier for English-speaking tourists. However, the quality of translations can sometimes be far from perfect. Without the use of certified business translation services, crucial mistakes can easily be ...
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