professional translator

Working with untranslatable words

Most of us have used the expression “lost in translation” at one point or another to describe a misunderstanding. For language service companies, this is unacceptable. Generally, a translation services company believes there is always a way to translate an idea, even when there is no equivalent for a word ...
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consecutive interpreting services

Consecutive Interpreting services for children

For any consecutive interpreter, fast-paced environments are a daily encounter. Working in courts, hospitals, or community settings, the interpreter gains important skills, becoming increasingly resourceful in times of stress. Their training prepares them for many future settings. Nevertheless, a consecutive interpreter should also can slow down in order to break ...
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eLearning translation

How Can You Avoid Plagiarism for eLearning Translation?

Along with automated translation comes a new concern: translation plagiarism. Plagiarism from one language to another would be seem nearly impossible to detect. However, automated translation frequently results in poor sentence structure and even nonsensical phrases. For global translation services, ensuring the work of a professional translator is authentic and ...
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Presentation Skills in English

3 Tips for Expanding your Employees’ English Presentation Skills

For many Americans, public speaking is a source of unfathomable fear—even over death.  To be successful in a role at some companies, this fear must be overcome.  It’s not uncommon for jobs to require professional presentations—sometimes on a relatively frequent basis. While this is enough of a challenge, it can ...
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Professional translating

Professional translating for proverbs

An expression or a proverb in any language is like looking through a window into a country’s culture. In fact, these wise words or proverbs contain life lessons that shape and perpetuate certain behaviors in each country. On occasion, professional translation services are required for idioms, proverbs, or fixed expressions ...
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Community Interpreter Job

3 Top Reasons to Choose a Community Interpreter Job

Are you bilingual and looking for a new career path? A community interpreter job could be a fun and exciting job to consider. This kind of work is fast-paced and very rewarding. A community interpreter helps facilitate communication in community-based settings, such as education, housing, social services and more. You’ll ...
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international translator

How is the International Translator a Key Player for the FIFA World Cup?

The FIFA World Cup is one of the most popular sporting events. In fact, the organization has its own language services department for professional translating and video translation because it has so many languages to accommodate. Officially, FIFA has four major languages: English, Spanish, French and German. Overall, FIFA’s language ...
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medical interpreter training

Medical Interpreter’s Code of Ethics. Why is it important?

Have you ever considered enrolling in a medical interpreter training program? There is tremendous responsibility in performing this kind of work. There are so many duties beyond simply conveying an accurate translation from the source language to target language. Medical interpreter training includes learning the code of ethics, of which ...
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gdpr translation

The Challenges Related to GDPR Translation

The General Data Protection Regulation was established in 2016 by the European Parliament and Council with the goal of providing consistent protection of consumer data across EU nations. Since the EU is comprised of 28 countries and 26 official languages (if we count Norway and Iceland) GDPR translation consistency is ...
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medical interpreter job

3 Top Reasons to Choose a Medical Interpreter Job

In the United States, there is a considerable population of non-native English speakers. To protect them, every healthcare provider (including hospitals) is obligated by law to provide language access services for their non-English speaking patients. Medical interpreters can break down language barriers in the medical industry by using their linguistic ...
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