Why Customized Language Training Can Help You Land a Job in the Oil and Gas Industry

Customized Language TrainingWhether you’re new to oil and gas or a veteran in the industry, there’s an essential skill you need to have under your  belt.  The oil and natural gas industry has grown to become a cornerstone of the US economy, and a vast number of work opportunities exists for job seekers in the market.  According to The American Petroleum Institute nearly 1.9 million job opportunities are projected in the oil, gas and petrochemical industries through 2035.  Of those job openings, 707,000 jobs are projected to be filled by African American and Hispanic workers.  But despite this upswing in demand, there is a shortage of skilled and specialized labor in the industry.  Besides work experience, competent language skills are an important requirement for a career in oil and gas.  Find how customized language training can help you land the job you’re seeking!

Why You Should Care about Customized Language Training for the Oil and Gas Industry

Per EUROPEM, the world consumes 30 billion barrels of oil per year, with developed nations being the largest consumers. Russia and the Middle East are among the largest proven crude oil and natural gas rich regions of the world, but the industry is currently expanding to other areas including Indonesia, Brazil, Mexico, Nigeria and Algeria. English is a major universal language for developed nations and knowing it will be an essential to work in the industry. New technologies are also generally driven by the tech industry, which is largely English-speaking and based in the US or Israel.

A 2016 API study also revealed that African Americans, Hispanics, and women with college degrees in management and professional fields such as engineering, geoscience, management, finance, and as technicians are highly competitive for workforce placement. In fact, there is a wide range of jobs open for those interested in the oil and gas industry. Many choose to become geoscientists, subsea engineers, drilling engineers, reservoir engineers, marine specialists, pipeline and piping engineers, offshore maintenance technicians, or environmental specialists, and the list of possible occupations goes on.

Our Customized Language Training for Oil and Gas

One the most effective ways to learn English is by joining English language training (learning business English or corporate language through Intensive Business English classes are also helpful, too!)

Language Connections, a language training company, provides comprehensive courses designed to prepare and support students in a globalized career field. Students in customized English programs develop the vocabulary, language, and skills needed to understand the industry, and apply this knowledge to a variety of work scenarios. Course contents cover items of numeracy, measurement, and associated language relevant to work. Instructors also teach technical English in context, so students practice the language and skills they need for the job in real work situations.


Language training topics may include, but are not limited to:

  • Global positioning
  • Seismic exploration
  • Isometrics and MTOs
  • Discussing specs
  • Toolbox talk
  • Materials requisition
  • Welding hazards and precaution
  • Reporting an incident
  • Routine maintenance
  • Safety signs and notices
  • Completing forms

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