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What Salaries can Court Interpreter Training Lead To?


Have you ever considered if you might like to become a court interpreter? You can help individuals with limited English access justice.  You’ll also play an important part in our legal system. Court interpreter training can lead to a career path that’s exciting, impactful, and steady.  Not every job that is exciting and impactful will pay well, though—and in the end, that’s pretty vital. A job that you love, but don’t get paid enough at, is simply not sustainable in the long-run. After all, a job is just as much about paying one’s bills as it is about doing satisfying, purposeful work. Luckily, having a legal interpreter certification can be lucrative as well as rewarding! Read on for more information about the compensation for this profession and how you can become an interpreter.


Court Interpreter Training Can Lead to a Full Bank Account

Court interpreter classes can help you to start a career that pays decently, no matter what experience level is.  The average annual salaries for federal and state staff court interpreters run from $30,000 all the way up to $80,000. Of course, these numbers will vary based on how much experience somebody has, as well as the languages he or she is fluent in. A language that is in high demand or an uncommon language can yield a better rate for an interpreter.  Someone who is fresh out of court interpreter courses will obviously be paid towards the lower end of the scale at first. With less than five years of experience, it’s possible to earn an average of $40,000 a year. Some interpreters with degrees, a command of languages that are unusual or in high demand, and plenty of experience and certifications, earned as much as $90,610 per year in 2017!


What Does Court Interpreter Training Involve? 

If the financial growth potential and these salaries sound exciting to you, then here are some tips for how to secure court interpreter jobs. To begin, you’ll need to have earned a BA or BS. Unfortunately, a court will not hire you without one. The next step is to take court interpreter training. Language Connections offers a 7-week course that is fairly priced and will prepare you to succeed in the field. We also prep you for the next step: an entry exam that is administered by the trial court in each state. You can find more information about exam dates and how to register for one on the relevant state government website.

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