Presentation Skills in English

3 Tips for Expanding your Employees’ English Presentation Skills

For many Americans, public speaking is a source of unfathomable fear—even over death.  To be successful in a role at some companies, this fear must be overcome.  It’s not uncommon for jobs to require professional presentations—sometimes on a relatively frequent basis. While this is enough of a challenge, it can be even more demanding when your employees are not native English speakers or are not well-versed in business English.  Here are three tips to support your staff as they expand their presentation skills in English.


Facilitate Critiques of their Presentation Skills in English

Sometimes learning is better as a group effort. Work with providers like Language Connections to set up in-company language training where employees can practice their oral presentations. Then allow the teacher and pupils to conduct critiques. Though they might feel intimidating, critiques are one of the best ways for your employees to improve their public speaking skills in English.  They can learn exactly what they are doing wrong and what they can do better!


Supply Flashcards and Notecards

Offering your employees language training on-site will give them space for critiques and practice. During language courses for companies, we also suggest that employers supply employees with notecards or flashcards to use during their presentations. Having some visual cues can help your employees stay on track and focused. Since they might not be used to using these visual aids, making notecards readily available may embolden employees to try using them as they work to improve their English presentation skills.


Encourage them to Practice Presentation Skills in English

Have your staff get in front of a mirror, their family or friends, or even standing up in front of peers during in-company language programs.  This will bolster their confidence in presenting. Practicing a speech in your head is nowhere near as effective as practicing it with your voice and an audience—even if that audience is only your own reflection.

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