English for US Army and Air Force

English for the US Army and Air Force

The Armed Forces struggle to compete for the best employees just like most organizations today. But the US Army and US Air Force have special needs in finding and keeping not just new recruits, but engineers, medical, and administrative personnel.  Here are a few reasons why you should consider using Language Connections courses on English for the US Army and Air Force to improve proficiency in English for the US Army and Air Force.

Why Invest in English for the US Army and Air Force?

  1. A safer working environment

Military personnel are often faced with some of the most dangerous situations in the world. Soldiers’ ability to communicate effectively with one another and their commanding officers, is paramount to the safety and security of the entire squad. By offering English classes for the US Army and Air Force, you position all the members of your squad for successful missions and a safe return home.

  1. A more productive working environment

English training for the US Army and Airforce saves your soldiers and their commanding officers valuable time. Instead of struggling to communicate, with English for US Army and Air Force, everyone can operate more efficiently and comfortably.  They are able to understand directions, ask questions, and read important information. A multi-lingual employee is also better positioned for advancement, thus allowing you to promote the best soldiers from within.

  1. A competitive benefit for employees and new recruits

By providing English courses for the US Army and Airforce, you are not only building a more effective workforce, but are providing a competitive advantage over opponents to draw the best recruits. Your investment of English for US Army and Air Force improves everyone’s performance and satisfaction on the job, and additionally improves their comfort in their community.

If you are ready to advance your squad, Language Connections can offer you a customized ESL course for the US Army and Airforce. We teach on-site English classes for US Army and Airforce around the country. Our classes are taught by experienced staff and are expertly tailored towards soldiers and personnel in the military.

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