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Pharmaceutical English

As pharmaceutical companies globalize internally, it is important for them to practice uniformity in their internal communications. As English continues to strengthen its hold as the lingua franca of the business world, it is imperative for pharmaceutical companies (who often have an international presence) in the country to use programs like Pharmaceutical English to ensure that their employees are able to effectively communicate in English.

Three Reasons Why Pharmaceutical Companies Should Invest in a Pharmaceutical English Language Training

Because American has become increasingly diverse, companies based in big cities like Boston, New York, Dallas, San Francisco, etc. employ a diverse workforce. As workplace diversity increases, so does the amount of non-native English speaking employees. Language Connection’s ESL Training is specifically designed to help non-native speakers improve their English fluency.


Pharmaceutical English Improves Workplace Communication: Pharmaceutical-based workplaces are dependent on employee precision and accurate communication due to the sensitive nature of their work. English Language Training equips LEP employees with a better grasp of day-to-day workplace English. They will be able to communicate fluently with coworkers, better understand office memos, notes, emails, etc., and give presentations more confidently. Additionally, better communication leads to happier, more connected employees. Happier employees who work as a team are more productive and contribute more to their company.


Pharmaceutical English Helps Employees Understand Industry-specific Vocabulary: Newer, less experienced employees who don’t natively speak English might have trouble understanding the more complex pharmaceutical literature. Language Connections’ ESL training for pharmaceutical companies ensures that non-native English-speaking employees talk or write in your company’s language by integrating industry-specific vocabulary into lessons. Along with improving their understanding of company-specific terminology, it also aids in their comprehension of industry-specific knowledge from their native language to English.


Pharmaceutical English Improves Employee Morale and Productivity: Pharmaceutical corporate language training not only boosts communications skills of LEP employees, but also effectively modernizes your workforce. Computer programs, workplace literature, equipment manuals, etc. are all standardized to English in countries around the world. Investing in an ESL program ensures that your employees are capable of being self-starters and independent about their work-life. Outside work, it further empowers LEP employees to assimilate well in their society by being more confident about their day-to-day communication skills in what otherwise might be a daunting experience.

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