English for Banking and Finance

English for banking and financeIn an increasingly interconnected world, employers are looking for multilingual workers who can communicate with a large variety of clients. This is especially true for the banking and finance sectors, where companies from different countries must be in constant contact and where English has become the de facto language for communication. If you’re not a native speaker, here’s why you should consider using Language Connections to provide English classes for banking for your employees:

Why English Classes for Banking?

  1. Knowledge of technical vocabulary

Whether employees are talking to clients or coworkers, it’s important for them to be able to show that they know their stuff and be as articulate as possible. Even if they’ve studied English for years, they may not know the right terms for the banking world. English training for finance can give your employees the confidence they need in international meetings.


  1. Your employees will be more efficient

Having a solid base of English that they’re confident in will save employees valuable time.  Instead of clearing communication hurdles, English training for banking will help them focus on more complex projects that bring in more clients and money.


  1. More international opportunities

Once your employees have done ESL training for finance, the world will open up to them. They will have be better prepared to work with foreign clients and even go abroad on business trips.  They can also help with presentations and marketing materials for English-speaking customers, colleagues, supervisors, etc.


If you want to move your banking and finance company forward, Language Connections can give you the opportunity through our ESL courses for finance.  We are happy to teach classes on-site and off, around the US.  Our classes are taught by an experienced staff and expertly tailored toward professionals in the finance sector.

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