ESL for the Insurance Industry Will Benefit Your Business

English for the Insurance Industry

ESL for the Insurance Industry Will Help Grow Your Business

The insurance industry has become more international than ever, thereby needing its workers to have a solid English language foundation. The growth of the industry has fired up competition and increased demand for its services. According to a survey by the Insurance Industry Employment and Hiring Outlook Survey, more than 13,000 jobs will open in the last three quarters of 2018. While there’s a wide array of jobs in the Insurance industry, all requiring different skills, one mastery will be helpful for them all: English.  ESL training for Insurance Industry will help your employees acquire this imperative skill.

ESL for the Insurance Industry: No Longer Optional in a Globalized Insurance Industry

English classes for Insurance Industry are no longer optional for limited English speakers for three main reasons: communication with customers, keeping up with the competition, and competeing on the web.  Firstly, communication is key when it comes to the fast-growing insurance industry. Whether it’s health, vehicle, home, or life insurance, this service might be one of the most important purchases a customer makes. For this reason, your employees must be able to answer all your customer’s questions and respond to their concerns competently.  Any communication roadblocks will be extra upsetting for customers when paired with the stress of potential damage or loss to prized possessions. Additionally, insurance professionals are expected to communicate not just with customers, but also with internal and external stakeholders.  As the global business language, and with more than 1.5 billion English speakers in the world, it is safe to say that this is the language of international communication. Ensuring that or your employees attend English classes for the Insurance Industry will deeply improve a key part of your company’s daily business activities.

The second reason why English training for the Insurance Industry is key for better performance is that the course will improve your employees’, and thus your company’s ability to keep up with competition. According to reinsurance company Munich Re, the global insurance industry is expected to grow at an average pace of 4.5% yearly through 2017-2018, with improved economic prospects for the US market. Not speaking English cuts your company off from business opportunities in the myriad of English-speaking markets.

The last reason to have your employees learn business ESL is because it will help you compete online.  The numerous changes in technology have transformed the industry.  The amount of information that can be found on insurance companies on the web is countless. Customers have access to infinite amounts of information and options. According to Statista, the most represented language on the web is English, with 25%. Today it is very easy for customers to shop around online, read internet reviews and make decisions based off them. For your company to achieve high customer retention and differentiate itself from the competition, it must engage and ensure impeccable service with its clients.  There is no better way to do so than having your employees take English courses for the Insurance Industry.


Our Business ESL Program for the Insurance Industry


Our corporate ESL programs for the Insurance Industry will help train your workers to achieve self-confidence and knowledge when it comes to identifying specific industry terms and understanding of the business.

These ESL programs for the Insurance Industry include presenting an insurance policy to a client, explaining insurance terms and conditions, identifying and assessing the risk, promoting insurance services to potential clients, etc.

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