English for Manufacturing Workers

English for ManufacturingAccording to the NAM (National Association of Manufacturers), manufacturers contributed $2.33 trillion to the US economy in just the first quarter of 2018. The continuous growth in technology and globalization has increased the demand for manufacturing workers. Moreover, these changes in the industry have allowed manufacturing workers to become more competitive at a global level. English for manufacturing workers is beneficial for both workers and management in the industry and will help them sharpen their skills while improving productivity and safety in the workplace.

Why are English Programs for Manufacturing valuable to your company

Whether one is a floor supervisor, operations manager, production manager, quality manager, or a floor worker, knowledge of English is an imperative skill to succeed in the workplace. To improve both productivity and efficiency, it is crucial for management to be knowledgeable of industry-specific vocabulary while communicating and addressing problems in a more efficient way. English courses for manufacturing will help professionals in your company perform better and allow them to better communicate with their team and coworkers. An improved communication diminishes conflict and increases engagement, creating a more pleasant and productive work environment.


How English training for Manufacturing improves safety and potential for your workers

English is an important asset for workers in the manufacturing industry, as it improves how effectively and confidently your employees operate in their daily activities. Safety is a major concern when it comes to manufacturing, as it is vital for workers in your company to be able to read and understand safety warnings and know how to operate machines correctly to avoid serious problems, such as injuries or death. Moreover, many of these workers possess the skills to get promoted and contribute more to the company, but they can’t because of lack of English. ESL training for manufacturing will help your employees become safer and more powerful assets to your company.


Our English for Manufacturing Workers Course

Our ESL courses for manufacturing are offered nationwide and prepare your workers to enhance their understanding of English language and operate in a safer and more productive way.

English for manufacturing develops skills that go further than just English, as your workers will feel more confident in communicating and working in your community.

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