English for Biotech Companies

Biotech Companies

Did you know that English is becoming increasingly important for those looking to pursue or advance their careers in biotechnology? In recent years, higher education has put more emphasis on the biotechnology sector. Many universities now provide specialized programs offering certificates in areas such as biotechnology management. Among the many required courses like math, biology and chemistry, business English training is also a requirement. Having an academic degree won’t necessarily pave your way into a career in biotech—in fact, according to Neeley’s 2017 study, English has been the lingua franca (common language) of cross-border organizations for nearly three decades. This means that having a solid base knowledge of the English language helps jump-start your career… and open doors to an abundance of opportunities. Find out how you can break into the biotech industry today with customized English programs!

3 Reasons Why Biotech Companies Need to Care about Customized English Programs

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