English for Professionals: What Service Industries Need ESL Courses?

Investing in English for professionals at your place of work is a large and vital initiative. Nowhere is it more so important than in the service industries, where professional English classes can make the difference between sales, satisfied customers, and meeting regular goals or the exact opposite scenarios.

Who Needs Professional English Courses?

You may be wondering if an initiative for English for professionals at your company is really needed. While there are some non-client facing positions where workers may not need to know English (putting safety and interaction with colleagues aside), most every service position in the United States will require interaction with English speakers in order to perform basic job functions.

The jobs that have the most client exposure have the potential to see the biggest returns when it comes to corporate English language training. These include positions in the ten following industries.

10 Industries Getting Big Returns From English For Professionals:

  • Food Services

  • Retail

  • Hospitality and Tourism

  • IT and Customer Support

  • Landscaping

  • Healthcare and Nursing

  • Home care

  • Banking

  • Business Services

  • Sales

What’s Taught In Professional English Courses?

The service sector boasts an extremely diverse set of jobs, and thus Language Connections’ Corporate ESL training curriculum is just as varied in its offerings.

The end goal of any initiative to improve English for professionals is entirely based on outcomes set by the company pursuing the training. Those can range from improving the overall English language fluency of employees, to perfecting the use of industry specific terminology that is needed in the day to day functioning of a position.


Language Connections’ Approach

Language Connections offers entirely customized and flexible corporate English classes on-site, built to help employees progress anywhere between six different levels of fluency (Level 1 being beginner and Level 6 advanced).

Employees are placed into one of these six student groups based on the results of a comprehensive oral and written ESL assessment test. From there, their progress through the remaining levels of fluency is entirely up to you!

Throughout these courses, students can expect to learn:

  • Basic to advanced English grammar
  • Industry terminology
  • Western cultural norms in the service industry
  • How to interact with and provide service to clients in English
  • Written English skills
  • Over the phone English skills

Our courses are all taught by TEFL certified English speaking coaches with proven backgrounds and years of experience in language education.

Not sure what your company’s end goal should be for English language training? We’re happy to provide tailored language consultation to help you determine how to build the best corporate English program for your employees.