why patent translation

What Exactly is Patent Translation?

Why is Patent Translation Important?

These days, companies aspire to succeed not only on a national level, but also in the international landscape. To achieve that goal and triumph globally, companies need to ensure the protection of any unique or innovative proposals. Here, patent translation is the key. It’s not just necessary to do this in one language.  So additionally, it becomes all the more imperative.

There are two categories that patent translation fall under. Depending on its purpose, it can be either for filing or for information. The former means that the translated patent(s) are filed as authorized documents in foreign regions. That type does not require full and detailed translation of the document. On the other hand, translating patents for information shares the ideas contained in patents that have already been filed. This one, conversely, demands a translation as close as possible to the original one. Nonetheless the importance of this type of translation is undeniable, and thus there is a wide variety of American translation companies or language services companies around the world that offer patent translation services. Here are 6 more reasons patent translation is so important.

Patent Translation ensures Intellectual Property Rights Protection

Protection of intellectual property, particularly in the age of the internet, is a top business priority. However, sometimes if intellectual property rights for an invention are secured within its country of origin, they’re not guaranteed to be protected internationally. Therefore, the translation of the patent helps to secure the owner’s rights in any other foreign regions.


In an international economy, companies must secure patent rights globally to stay competitive globally.

why patent translation

Zero mistakes are allowed

Even a small mistake in a translation of a patent, such as a pharmaceutical translation, can cause the patent application to be rejected.  Using experience, professional language services companies means this won’t happen to your patent!

Expansion Opportunities

Without proper patent protection, a company’s expansion potential may be limited in hot markets. 

Legal and Financial Consequences

A translated patent document that includes errors can have an adverse effect financially or legally for the business. For instance, correcting an erroneous translation could result in extra costs.

Translation Certification Requirement

Translation for patents can be challenging, especially if you are translating in a difficult language (for instance, if your company needs patent Korean translation). Its accuracy is always paramount. Hence, the translation of the patent application must be done by an accredited translator, which means that even the best machine translation is a terrible idea. Human translation is the only thing that will save you from future headaches or even legal battles when it comes to your patent.


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