Does Your Company Need a Business Interpreter?

business interpreterPoor miscommunications can cause an otherwise productive meeting to go off the rails. Conducting meetings in another country or in a different language without a company interpreter increases the risk of details being lost in translation. Hiring a professional business interpreter from Language Connections ensures there are no discrepancies in meaning and intent, keeping your communication on track.

Language Connections’ professional interpreters can help any event, no matter how big or small, go off without a hitch. A business interpreter acts as a bridge between people, facilitating multilingual interaction. Besides having a command of the target language, our experienced interpreters will have subject matter expertise about the industry they are providing interpreting services for. This ensures that the interpreter is familiar with the terminology, expressions and ideas at hand. The size of your event will determine what kind of services you will need.

What Business Interpreter Services Do I Need?

Consecutive Business Interpreter

When you need to communicate directly with a client but don’t speak the same language, Language Connections’ consecutive interpreter can help to eliminate the language barrier. Consecutive interpreting services are ideal for small setting events like business meetings, press conferences, interviews, teleconferences, or any type of one-on-one exchange. In consecutive translation, a business interpreter listens and sometimes takes notes while the source-language speaker finishes a thought. The speaker then pauses to allow the interpreter time to deliver the same speech in the target language. There is no equipment necessary for these services, making it convenient and cost-effective.

Conference Interpretation

There is a lot to consider when planning a large event like a convention, press conference, workshop or training program. Our conference interpreting solutions (also known as simultaneous interpreting) will ensure your event’s success. It is important that all of your speakers are fully understood and every attendee can fully comprehend all communications.

A conference interpreter can secure true communication between participants, facilitating multilingual interaction. Simultaneous interpreting can be a useful tool with bigger crowds. Highly experienced interpreters can transmit the speaker’s message to an audience in their native tongue, in real-time. Specialized equipment can be used to facilitate this sensitive work.

Interpretation Equipment

In addition to skilled interpreters, the right combination of audio equipment and technical support will help keep your event running smoothly. It is critical to rent the right equipment when facilitating multilingual communications. Having experienced technicians on-hand to oversee the setup of technology and remain on site during the event will ensure excellent interpretation services.

Conference Translation Services and More

Written materials are another important element in the success of your event. We can provide business document translation services, website translation services or audio and visual transcription. Other conference interpreting services, such as escort interpreter services and American Sign Language interpreting (live or via video) will provide flawless communication to all your participants.