3 Reasons Your SEO translation will provide big ROI

Business is no longer done solely in the brick and mortar space.  Even if all your transactions are done in-store, it’s imperative to have a healthy presence online for your business.  This is why SEO translation can be the key to explosive growth.  Language connections provides many business translation services, but web translation services and translation for SEO should be top of your list for a thriving business.  Here are 3 ways they will bring big ROI.

SEO translation

1. Maintain your image as a legitimate, trustworthy business with SEO translation.

Not having a healthy web presence simply isn’t negotiable anymore for a business, no matter what size.  Even if a client is already loyal, they may want to find your contact info, recommend you to a friend, or share your info with their purchasing or HR departments for vetting.  When you don’t use a website translation company like Language Connections for SEO translation services, you may be nearly invisible in some markets.  Don’t lose out on referrals or continued business from existing customers by inadvertently going dark on the web.  Keep up a healthy  appearance online by using translating your SEO and website if needed!

2. SEO translation will help new clients find you and open up new markets.

Some companies double or triple their sales when they build out their presence online with SEO translation.  Don’t limit your business to customers who only speak one language.  Take more slices of the pie by using Language Connections‘ website translation services to make your website accessible, then use our SEO translation services to make sure new customers can find you in their Google searches.

3. Cheap SEO translation isn’t worth it– and may even hurt you

It could be tempting to forgo professional website translation services for amateur work by somebody in your company or a bilingual friend.  However, you should stop and think about your brand’s reputation.  Translation is a skill that requires training and practice.  Site translation services and SEO translation are especially complicated matters because of the technical element.  Choose a company like Language Connections that will handle this task for you with the utmost attention to quality and accuracy.  Make every penny count.  When you pay for bad SEO translation, you’re just making yourself visible to the wrong demographics, or potentially even flagging your site as a target for Google to punish!

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