Why Do You Need SEO Translation for Your Multinational Business?

Any company with online presence that wants to succeed on an international level needs SEO translation. The primary target of SEO translation services is not individuals.  On the contrary, it is search engines around the world. Every feature on each page of your website should be translated in a specific way to form a tempting page for search engines in other countries. If you rank high in the search engines in your primary language market, a quality and effective SEO translation will help your website appear in top spots in multiple foreign ones. This will create more opportunities for your business to enter international markets, and by extension to expand its client base and eventually increase its profitability. Translation and web localization companies like Language Connections can help your business to achieve these goals.


Translating your website and simultaneously improving SEO for foreign search engines requires much more than Google Translate, which will not take into consideration all the cultural nuances and aspects of each language. Website and SEO translation requires a professional website translation company to handle it. There are a few important things you should think about first before hiring a site translation services company. Here are 4 important tips for mastering your SEO translation.

1. Update your current website content

First and foremost, make sure that the content of your website has been updated recently and contains relevant keywords.

2. Research

Do thorough research regarding your target countries and languages to identify what target languages you need website SEO translation for.

3. Structure your website properly

Requirements for effective websites change all the time.  Make sure your website is user friendly by today’s standards and follows today’s SEO rules.

4. Continued maintenance

SEO rules and keyword popularity are constantly changing. After your website and SEO is translated by a translation and localization services company, you should reach back out to them periodically to make sure it’s always up to date.  Otherwise, there is a possibility of ranking lower in Google searches.

How is SEO Translation different from website Localization?

It’s important to note that website and SEO translation are not the same as localization. Localization targets people instead of search engines and focuses on the process of translating a website so that it’s appealing and readable for its visitors. Remember that to be truly successful, you’ll want to hire a company like Language Connections to handle both: website localization services and SEO translation.

About Language Connections:

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