Why use professional business translation services instead of an amateur (or Google Translate)?

professional business translation servicesIt can be tempting to ask a bilingual friend or colleague for help or turn to technology to cut costs on a translation project. However, the convenience and cost-savings will not be worth the potential embarrassment of an awkward interpretation of your messaging. There are numerous challenges that come with conveying meaning across languages. Trained linguists possess a unique skill set that enables them to deftly handle the nuances of language, dialects, and culture. Therefore, when you are dealing with important work, you are better off investing in global business translation services that professionals like Language Connections can provide.


An untrained translator or Google Translate doesn’t compare to the expertise that you get with a professional business translation. The process of translation is a lot more technical than you might think. When you work with a professional language service company like Language Connections, a translator who is a subject matter expert in your exact industry will be assigned to your project. There are specific concepts and terminology that one needs to have a grasp on to make a translation as effective as it can be. It’s best that more technical projects be handled by professionals.


You need someone who can succinctly translate your content. Someone who is simply bilingual may translate in a way that can feel clunky, lacking the professionalism you would like to project to your clients, coworkers or supervisors. Just because someone is fluent in a language does not mean they are also an artful writer. A professional translator can handle an array of business translation services and will be able to select exactly the right words or phrases that will ensure you come across as knowledgeable as you are.


Tools like Google Translate are frequently wrong and oftentimes in awkward ways. Though it’s sometimes funny to see these sorts of translations, it can also be professionally embarrassing when it happens to your company. Technology simply cannot replace the nuances of human understanding of language. It’s essential to invest in business document translation services so that this kind of scenario can be avoided. When you need to translate business documents, contact Language Connections. We have over nearly three decades of experience and can offer reliable and affordable translation in over 200 languages.