How Much Does Professional Business Translation Cost?

Professional business translationIs your company researching the cost of professional business translation? Trying to save money? Look no further. Language Connections can help you understand what your business document translation services will cost. We’ll also try to quote you in a way that garners as many discounts as possible. Any translation company will usually determine price by the following factors:

How much do translators charge per word?

Language Connections and any other global business translation services firm will usually start with the wordcount of your project.  A translation company will frequently provide a quote at a ‘price per word’ rate.  This is often a good way to price professional business translation because it allows us to account for repetitions and apply a discount for them.  It’s also considered a more accurate estimation method because charging by the page doesn’t allow for all the variables that can be found on a page: images, tables, unconventional formatting, etc.

How much does a translator cost?

Another way Language Connections might price your professional business translation is by the page count.  If you have a document, book, or manual in which it can be harder to establish wordcount (perhaps it’s scanned or it’s full of foreign characters), it might make sense to charge by the page.

Does professional business translation cost more depending on the format of the source file?

This factor could be important if your project requires working with a particularly tricky format or a difficult kind of file.  Language Connections frequently provides corporate translation services to companies that need us to handle reports with complex tables, graphs, and diagrams.  We offer desktop publishing services so that your translated product is just as beautifully laid-out as your original document, presentation, etc.

How much does it cost to hire a translator for a technical project?

Language Connections can translate company documents of all levels of complexity.  To ensure precise, pristine translations, we always hire a seasoned professional who has a background in your field.  When you need to translate more technical or complicated documents, like a technical manual or patent law article, we search our networks for professionals who have a career background or higher educational degrees relevant to the subject matter.  This might increase the price slightly depending on how sophisticated or rare the field of interest is.

Does Language Connections provide any discounts for professional business translation?

Language Connections is proud to offer a nonprofit discount to clients that qualify.  We know that if your organization is working hard to provide social welfare, education, relief, or some other public service, your budget is likely limited.  We’re happy to help meet your needs by offering a discount for your professional business translation.

Want to learn more?  Check out a quick video we made about translation prices