The Most Popular Jobs In The World

Where there are people, there are jobs. In anticipation of Labor Day, find out which are the most popular jobs in different countries. 

Labor Day Around the World

snoopy labor day Popular JobsEssentially every country except for the US and Canada celebrates Labor Day or Worker’s Day on May 1st, and people tend to have similar traditions of taking the day off work and perhaps partaking in a protest or two. Thus, in honor of Labor Day, instead of exploring Labor Day in different countries, here are some facts about jobs in various countries around the world.

Popular Jobs

  • In the United States, the most common job is retail salesperson.
  • k-pop Popular JobsIn South Korea, a fifth of young people dream of becoming a K-pop star; it is common for individuals and their families to devote a great amount of time and resources to get a shot at becoming one.
  • One of the most common jobs that people apply for and prepare for in the UK is software developer.
  • plumber cartoon Popular JobsOne of the most common jobs in South Africa is a plumber! As for white collar jobs, accounting is also  very popular.
  • The least in-demand jobs in Chile are journalists, psychologists, and architects.
  • In Australia, the most common part-time job is retail salesperson, and the most common full-time job is technician and tradesperson in the construction industry.
  • un peacekeepersAccording to analysis from Google’s keyword tool, the most searched for job in Kenya is United Nations worker. However, most people don’t seem to care whether that job is a UN peacekeeper, a development expert, or secretary.
  • The most common job sector in China is the manufacturing industry; the service industry is almost as popular.
  • In India, IT is the most popular job sector, as businesses increasingly outsource their needs to the country. In addition, some of the fastest growing jobs are in the field of research.

If you are looking to relocate and find a job in a foreign country, it might be worth keeping these popular ones in mind!



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