Who needs academic translation?

academic translationWhen you’ve completed the arduous task of creating an academic text or project, it’s essential that the wealth of knowledge and numerous details you have chosen are understood exactly as you intended them to be. Any variation from the original text can jeopardize the true impact that it should have. You don’t want to worry that your point will be lost in translation! No matter what language you want your text translated into, you could benefit from academic translation services from Language Connections.  We can help you adapt your content to the target language or culture you need, and we can work in any file format.

Improve eLearning with academic translation

There has never been a greater exchange of ideas across borders and languages than now. Elearning translation services can aid students and teachers in learning and teaching via digital courses. Ideally, course materials should be available to students in their native tongue. Most students find it easier to absorb information when it is available in their native language, even if they know some English. Elearning translation helps to facilitate a learning environment that is inclusive of foreign-born students.

Expand into the global community

Learning is no longer confined to physical classrooms. Are you part of an education company that provides digital learning experiences? You’ll want to utilize website translation services to make sure all your students and teachers have an optimal experience. Happy customers are usually returning customers. If you want to expand your audience, an easy way to do that is to offer your course materials, videos, and especially your website, in more languages.

Organizations (including research organizations, NGOs, and universities) frequently use eLearning for training services for their employees and the public.  Academic translation for training materials, employee handbook translation, etc helps make eLearning globally possible for these organizations.

Academic translation for employee training

Universities or nonprofits focused on international development or research are some of the biggest supporters of these developments in eLearning. The employees of these kinds of places need training materials available to them in a language that they understand. Language Connections offers employee handbook translation services to meet these needs. We have exceptional translators who are subject matter experts in your subject material.  Let Language Connections translate your employee training materials and you can be confident in their effectivity.