Why Do You Need Employee Handbook Translation?

In today’s global market, companies that decide to expand cannot afford to overlook the necessity of having their employee handbook translated for their foreign personnel.  It’s also important this translation is done by somebody qualified, like a business translation services company.  Here are 4 reasons you should reach out to Language Connections for employee handbook translation.

The 4 benefits of employee handbook translation

employee handbook translation legal benefit

Legal Benefits of Employee Handbook Translation

When you ask Language Connections to provide legal translation services for your employee handbook, you protect yourself from unwarranted litigation.  An employee handbook informs employees about their rights and enforces any state or federal laws. It also warns about disciplinary actions and policy-violations.  Giving employees this text in a language they speak protects the employer from the lion’s share of litigation caused by a potential claim of an employee.   Even if a claim or suit is brought, having the employee handbook, and ensuring it is accessible to all employees, no matter the language they speak, can support your case in court.  If the handbook is inaccessible to an employee for linguistic reasons, the effectiveness is severely reduced or even just completely negated.  Hence, an employee handbook translation helps shield your company from the cost and time lost on legal labor law issues.


Safety Benefits of Employee Handbook Translation

To maintain a safe work environment, a list of rules must be developed.  Whether it’s finance, marketing and advertising or anything else, your business should develop rules that cover situations involving injury, harassment, violence, fires, emergencies and any other relevant topics.  They should also be translated into all the languages spoken within your company. Clear explanation of instructions, particularly on how to use potentially dangerous equipment, should also be incorporated in an employee handbook.  Language Connections can bring nearly three decades of experience as language service providers to help with your employee handbook translation services.


Performance Benefits of Employee Handbook Translation

Every employee handbook should cover the culture of the company and expectations for their employees.  These handbooks should communicate company policies, what behaviors may result in disciplinary action, attendance expectations, dress code, and other similar items. By translating all the aforementioned guidelines, transparency between the company and its employees is increased for all employees, no matter what language they speak.  Giving solid, helpful guidelines will let employees know how to perform like a star at your company and save valuable time that could be lost on disciplinary actions.  If you want to empower all your employees to perform better, don’t forget to translate that employee handbook!

employee handbook translation confidentiality benefits

Confidentiality Benefits of Employee Handbook Translation

Employee handbook translation makes certain that the whole workforce of the company, English speakers or not, become aware of what private company information or data must remain fully protected. A language services company’ manual translation service will guarantee that files with employee records, unpublished financial information, customers’ or partners’ lists won’t be shared by any employees.  When shopping for a vendor to fill this need, don’t forget that Language Connections provides some of the best business translation services in the US.

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