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Russian Interpreting services for FASTEN - FASTEN slogan

Russian Interpreting Services for Fasten

FASTEN Requests Russian Interpreting June 20, 2016 – Language Connections, a Boston-based interpretation and translation services agency, recently facilitated Russian Interpreting for a new local company, Fasten. A startup quietly entering the Boston transportation market, Fasten is on par to compete with more established names in the industry including Uber and Lyft. Fasten’s service is almost…

Russian Consecutive Interpreting: MIT “FORBIDDEN RESEARCH”

Russian Consecutive Interpreting: MIT “FORBIDDEN RESEARCH“ Project: Consecutive Interpreting Company: MIT Language: Russian Industry: Education, Higher Education, Technology, Advanced Technology Description: Russian consecutive interpreting during the teleconference with a Russian software developer, Alexandra Elbakyan. You can watch the video here

Economic Strengthening and Children Program Report Translation

Economic Strengthening and Children Program Report Translation Project: Children and Economic Strengthening Programs Report Translation Company: Women’s Refugee Commission Language: French Industry: International Development, Social Development Description: Report on Children and Economic Strengthening Programs to help households in crisis areas in French. Find out more about the project at Women’s Refugee Commission.

ASL Interpreting for JBS - interpreter

ASL Interpreting for JBS International

ASL Interpreting Services for JBS International Boston, MA, August 2016 – Language Connections, an interpretation and translation services company, offers full linguistic services for all types of industries. This includes American Sign Language, or ASL, for the hearing impaired. Often our clients organize conferences which require ASL interpreting services in addition to our other conference interpreting services.…

Boston Interpreting Services - Waving People

Cape Verdean & Spanish Interpreting for the City of Boston

Boston Interpreter Services: Cape Verdean Creole & Latin American Spanish for Community Meeting Boston, MA.  August 2, 2016 – Language Connections, an interpretation and translation services company, works regularly with local municipal agencies helping to bridge the language gap between citizens and the city representatives. For this particular project, our client, the City of Boston,…

Impact Evaluation Guidance Note Series in Arabic and Spanish

Impact Evaluation Guidance Note Series in Arabic and Spanish Project: Report Translation Company: InterAction Language: Arabic, Spanish Industry: Education, International Development Description: Translation of a four-part series on Impact Evaluation into Arabic and Spanish. Go to InterAction to find the learn more and find the entire project.

Simultaneous Interpreters for English, Spanish & Portuguese

Interpreting for Boston City Council Committee

Interpreting Services in Boston: 12 Interpreters, 9 Languages for BCCC Boston, MA July 2016 –As an interpretation and translation services company, Language Connections often works with clients at the state and municipal level to provide professional linguistic services. We are often asked to deliver interpreting services in Boston, and recently we provided simultaneous interpretation for multiple languages…