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Educational Handouts Translation in 10 different Languages

Educational Handouts Translation in 10 Different Languages Project: Brochure Translation Company: Department of Early Eduaction and Care Language: Chinese, French, Haitian Creole, Hindi, Khmer, Moldovan, Nepali, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish Category: Education Description: Educational handouts for parents translated into several different languages See more Details at Brain Building in Progress website

Siberian village at winter covered by snow at evening time

The Siberian Yuits: a Russian People

The Siberian Yuits: a Russian People   Recently, Language Connections, a translation and interpreting services agency, had the fortunate opportunity of receiving an inquiry about a language known as Central Alaskan Yup’ik. The client was in need of transcription and translation services to document an ongoing environmental project in Bristol Bay, Alaska. There, many of…

E-Commerce in Russia - Computer Screen Showing Shopping Cart

ECommerce in Russia

E-Commerce in Russia: Accessing The Russian Market Via The Internet The Outlook of E-Commerce in Russia Recent changes in Russian policy, such as its ascension to the WTO,[1]  have led to the promise of the further opening of its markets – entering into serious dialogues with foreign companies and establishing conditions for business cooperation in…

Future of Biotech

The Future of Biotech in China

The Future of Biotech in China Will China Overcome Its Barriers?   Recent trends in the pharmaceutical industry show an increase in the development and manufacturing of biological products. Although bio-pharmaceutical manufacturing has been greatly facilitated by the development of new technologies, difficulties persist in regulating biological products manufactured in different facilities, particularly ones at…

Clinical Trials

Patient Recruitment in Clinical Trials

Patient Recruitment in Clinical Trials Highly successful patient recruitment and lower costs in many countries have spurred the surge in globalization of clinical trials. Increasingly, international clinical trials are conducted in developing regions including several countries in Latin America, Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), and Asia. Patient recruitment rates depend on a variety of factors,…

The Missing Minorities in the US

The Missing Minorities   The missing minorities or the inadequate representation of ethnic and racial minority groups in clinical trials taking place in the United States is currently of great concern. Although minority groups should not carry an unfair burden in clinical research, they also should not be excluded from participation in clinical trials.1 Research…