Our Business English course, administered over 8 weeks for a total of 32 hours of training, is built to help busy, working professionals improve their grasp on the English language. Business English students are intermediate to advanced users of the English language, currently working or looking for jobs in corporate and retail environments.

Students participating in our ESL Business English course can expect to improve their accuracy and efficiency with using the English language, as well as gain practice using English in various spoken and written business scenarios.

Course Details


8 weeks (32 hours), Saturdays 9am-1pm


$850 ($50 non-refundable language assessment fee, $800 course fee)

Certificate of completion received at end of course:



Language Connections Inc.

2001 Beacon St. Suite 105

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*Please note that locations are subject to change. Contact our program coordinator for the most up to date information.

OUR BUsiness English training covers

  • Common vocabulary and concepts used in business settings
  • Presentation skills
  • Speaking and etiquette for meetings
  • Strategies for negotiations
  • Job seeking and interviewing techniques
  • Phone skills
  • Business writing (emails, memos etc.)
  • Conversational English
  • Intercultural communication

Students are provided with a training manual at the beginning of the course that will be used throughout the 8 weeks of training. Students are not required to purchase any further materials.

What’s business english and why is it important


Business English refers to the language used frequently in English speaking business environments (or in situations where English is used as a lingua franca), and the skills required to engage in different kinds of communication in the English speaking business world.

Business has its own set of concepts and terminology that professionals must be familiar with in order to hold productive conversations with clients and coworkers, and to get their work done. On top of that, individuals also need to know how to give presentations, lead meetings, write emails, and communicate on the phone.

It is important to understand business English as day to day activities require the use of such language and skills. Individuals who are not proficient may find it harder to perform their job.

Those who work to improve their business English often find it easier to perform day to day functions due to decreased language barriers, more confidence collaborating with others and using their English, and a greater understanding of their role overall.

Not only can this lead to personal success, but it can also create new career opportunities.

business english course requirements


In order to be accepted into Language Connections Business English training, students must pass a language assessment pre-test. This short examination is conducted over the phone with one of our language coaches, and is used to ensure the student is at the level of English language comprehension needed to be successful in the course.

To take the pre-test, a non-refundable $50 registration fee must be paid. Upon successful completion of the language comprehension test, students submit their $800 course fee. Payment plans are available – interested please contact our program coordinator.

Our ESL Business English Training meets for 8 weeks on Saturdays from 9am until 1pm. Students are expected to attend all classes; however, students are able to miss up to 6 hours of class before they must begin making up time.

Why choose language connections?


English for business is necessary in order for individuals to be successful and excel at their jobs. For ESL individuals, corporate English training can give them the advantage they need to go further in their careers.

Language Connections understands the importance of an organized and comprehensive language training plan. We are experienced in providing language training for aspiring interpreter’s, and apply the same attention to detail and high quality instruction to our Business English programs.

Our business English courses are taught by native English speaking professionals with backgrounds in ESL education. This enables them to provide thoughtful instruction, tailored to individual student needs.

Additionally, with over 25 years of experience working in the Language Services industry, our team understands the nuances of providing information across languages. Business isn’t conducted the same all around the world, and our instructors are skilled at bridging both language and cultural gaps in comprehension for students new to the U.S. business environment.

Still have questions or want to enroll?

For more information contact our Language Training Department:

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