For more than 20 years, businesses and organizations have chosen Language Connections for their employee language training. We develop customized English language training programs that address your organization’s core competencies and specific needs. Our professional, reliable and engaging language instructors will conduct in-person customized language training on-site at your location tailored to your requirements.

corporate ESL and foreign language training

We offer a wide range of courses including:

Accent Reduction Course

Fine tune your English with accent modification exercises and techniques which will improve your pronunciation, intonation, phrasing and enunciation. Discover how vowel and consonant sounds are made. Practice the flow and rhythm of American English by varying word stress and voice pitch.

Advanced English Skills

Students will enhance their ability to articulate ideas more clearly and confidently, write emails, reports and focus on your reading and listening comprehension.

They will ensure grammar principles are retained, practiced and used correctly to improve your language skills.

Business English Writing Course

Clear writing means clear thinking. You can have all the great ideas in the world and if you can’t communicate, nobody will hear them. Effective writing is not a gift that you’re born with. It’s a skill that you cultivate.

Business English Writing Course developed by Language Connections will help you learn how to write simply, clearly, and precisely.

English Communication Skills

Language Connections’ Effective English Communication Skills Course for Non-Native Speakers of English is all-skills program that integrates grammar, vocabulary, listening, speaking, reading, pronunciation, and writing -- all in an engaging and easy-to-use format that has been embraced by students and teachers nationwide.

Business English for Meetings

Many foreign-born professionals worry about their mistakes and allow their insecurities to prevent them from participating in meetings fully. Such insecurities are very common and normal.

Our Business English for Meetings Course presents some strategies for overcoming language barriers to communication. increasing students’ confidence and ability to participate actively in meetings in English.

Negotiation Skills Course

Negotiating skills are increasingly important in today’s competitive market place. Even native speakers of English are under pressure to understand the nuances of what is said and to express themselves clearly and precisely.

Transferring your negotiation skills to another language require a highly complex set of skills.

Presentation Skills Course

Using methodologies honed over many years of experience, Language Connections teachers will put students in the types of language situations they will find in the real world of business.

The students will participate in a program that replicates the situations MBA students are put into.

Public Speaking Skills

The students will learn to speak in public, make presentations and participate in discussions effectively.

The course focuses on building effective public speaking skills with attention to pronunciation and rhetorical considerations, impromptu speaking skills, use of visuals and managing Questions & Answers from an audience.

Language Connections offers group and private classes with content tailored to the needs of your company.

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