Have you ever wanted to live abroad? Finding work is one of the hardest challenges, but for English speaking individuals gaining TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certification can allow them to earn money teaching English in the country of their choice!

Teaching English abroad does not always require individuals to have a background in education. Very often, proof of training such as TEFL Certification will enable aspiring teachers to find a job in a classroom. Our TEFL courses in Boston enable students to gain a solid foundation in the skills and techniques needed to teach English as a second language in the United States and abroad. There are no requirements for the course aside from speaking fluent English.

In four weeks students can expect to have an understanding of how to teach English in the classroom, and will be ready to apply for programs in their country of choice!


Course Details:


4 week intensive including practicum (120 hours), Mondays-Fridays 9am-4pm


$1890 ($50 non-refundable registration fee, $200 deposit, $1640 course fee)

TEFL Certificate received upon completion of course:



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*Please note that locations are subject to change. Contact our program coordinator for the most up to date information.


  • Teaching techniques
  • Language awareness
  • Foreign language exposure
  • Creating student profiles
  • Materials project
  • 6-20 hours of supervised teaching practice

What’s tefl certification and why get it?


TEFL certification is used to provide proof of training to schools and language institutes in the United States and abroad. It certifies that an individual has the necessary (and often required) experience needed to teach English to non-native speakers.

There are international standards regarding the amount of experience an individual needs to obtain when pursuing a TEFL certification. Broadly speaking these include:

  • 100 hours of coursework and training at a minimum
  • Instruction from a qualified professional
  • A curriculum that has been independently accredited
  • A practicum component that ranges from 6-20 hours of live teaching and observation experience

Gaining TEFL certification increases the opportunities available to those who wish to teach English in the U.S. or abroad. Often times it is required by schools or language institutes in order for an individual to qualify to teach English as a second language.


What Can I Do With TEFL Certification?

With TEFL certification individuals can apply to work in schools and language centers, teaching English to non-native speakers. Obtaining a TEFL certification allows an individual to find work teaching, even if he or she does not have degrees or a background in education.

Why choose language connections?


Choosing the right TEFL certification course is important. You want to make sure you are enrolled in a program that meets the minimum standards recognized internationally, and one that will successfully prepare you to effectively lead a classroom.

Language Connections has been providing language training for individuals and businesses for years. Our successful background in language instruction across the board allows us to build a robust TEFL course.

Why choose us over other TEFL programs?

  • We offer high-quality, comprehensive training at an affordable price.
  • Students gain practical, real-life experience teaching ESL students through the course practicum.
  • Our program provides you with the foundation you need to begin teaching in only 4 weeks.
  • We provide dedicated support from our program coordinator throughout your training with us.
  • We offer TEFL Certification for non-native English speakers.

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