Medical Device Translation Services and Localization

With over 20 years in the Life Sciences, Language Connections has built a team of professional medical and technical translators who provide precise, culturally-sensitive translations and localization of regulatory documents, software and related materials to support your device abroad.

Industry leaders such as Alere, Sunnex, AstroNova, and Biomedical Enterprises have trusted their medical device translation needs to our team, thanks to our precision and dedication to keep abreast of changes in regulatory requirements to ensure our clients’ successful expansion into global markets.

Medical Device Document Translations:

Selling your medical device globally requires adaptation for foreign markets. Medical device translation services are a crucial part in ensuring that your audience understands how to use your product (instructions of use, user manuals etc.), as well as to comply with international regulations.

Part of our medical device translation services include the translation of a wide variety of medical and surgical device-related documents. Such documents include:

  • Data Sheets
  • Manufacturing Process Descriptions
  • Marketing Collateral
  • Package Labels and Inserts
  • Patents for Medical And Surgical Devices
  • Patient Handbooks
  • Product Information Leaflets (PIL)
  • Product Manuals (Operating, Maintenance & Installation)
  • Regulatory Compliance Documents
  • Structured Product Labeling (SPL)
  • Technical Manuals and Software
  • User Guides
  • Data Sheets
  • Manufacturing Process Descriptions
  • Marketing Collateral
  • Package Labels and Inserts
  • Patents for Medical And Surgical Devices
  • Patient Handbooks
  • Product Information Leaflets (PIL)
  • Product Manuals (Operating, Maintenance & Installation)
  • Regulatory Compliance Documents
  • Structured Product Labeling (SPL)
  • Technical Manuals and Software
  • User Guides

Language Connections delivers precise medical device translation services for the most technical documents. We translate in over 100 global languages, including all the major languages of Europe, Asia, America, Africa and the Middle East. We provide editing and proofreading services for all our translations, as well as DTP and formatting when required.

Medical Device Translators

Our translators have specific experience working for the medical device industry. We select our linguists such that they have a background in medical device translation services as well as the medical device industry itself.

This enables them to have the necessary knowledge of key terminology. We ensure that all local regulatory requirements are met, and keep up-to-date with the latest changes in this quickly evolving industry. Our demanding qualification process ensures that translators:

  • Pass a rigorous screening and testing process
  • Have extensive experience translating life-science and medical device texts
  • Receive continuous performance feedback

Our Quality Control System is designed to meet the demands of the medical, pharmaceutical and medical device industries. We ensure this thorough proofreading and editing by native speakers of the target language to guarantee utmost accuracy.

Medical Device Testing

In order to obtain premarket approval, Class III and occasionally Class II Medical Devices must undergo clinical trials and extensive review.

Language Connections understands the delicacies that come with preparing for and conducting clinical trials, as we have been working with CROs, pharmaceutical, and medical device companies for years.

We translate medical device trial documentation for IRB/FDA approval, as well as for approval by international agencies such as the CFDA. We also provide interpretation for studies conducted abroad, or with non-English speaking participants here in the U.S.

We also provide linguistic validation services for medical devices to ensure no problems arose during the translation of documents intended for trial, and to ensure that they have been properly adapted for your target culture while still allowing for reliable data to researchers across all languages.

Learn more about our clinical trial translation services

Learn more about our Linguistic Validation services

Medical Device Localization

Medical device localization is a key factor in getting your product out to the medical market. Along with translation for medical device documentation, all materials will need to be localized to the target culture.

Our team ensures global compatibility through medical device document localization, as well as medical device software localization. We offer you solutions for:

  • Software Applications
  • Online Learning Content
  • Medical Device Labeling
  • Medical Device Documentation and Technical Materials
  • Medical Device Marketing & Advertising Materials

For More Information, Or To Request Medical Device & Technology Translation Services:

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