Chinese Education Translation Services

Chinese education translation services

Does your secondary school, college, university or graduate school have frequent needs for Chinese interpretation or a Chinese to English translation? Language Connections offers nearly 3 decades of experience providing the services that you need to educate, communicate with parents and students, recruit new students, and build your education partnership programs.  Our wide network of tested and vetted translators and interpreters can handle your request both quickly and for a reasonable cost.  We’ve become reliable partners to many schools who need everything from Chinese Pinyin translation to English to Chinese simplified interpretation.

Reach out to Language Connections for:

  • Translation of your students’ certificates, diplomas, transcripts, term papers, transcripts, lecture materials, online courses and more
  • Localization of your educational and marketing materials (including your Chinese advertisement or brochure translation) so they speak to a Chinese audience better.
  • Internationalization of your website and online presence so you can better communicate with and appeal to Chinese students and their families.

Chinese Education Translation Services for the Immigration Process:

  • Translation of Affidavits of Support
  • Translation of Petitioner Documents
  • Translation of Reference Letters
  • Translation of Medical Records
  • And more….

Don’t worry!  We provide Chinese education translation services for every dialect you need, including:

Traditional Chinese

Simplified Chinese

Mandarin Chinese

Gan Chinese

Hui Chinese

Jin Chinese

Hakka Chinese

Min Chinese

Wu Chinese

Xiang Chinese

Yue Chinese

Pinghua Chinese

Ba-Shu Chinese

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