3 Reasons Why Employers Must Invest in Accent Reduction Training

When native English speakers hear the words, “fifty” and “fifteen,” they can tell the difference between them right away. But that is not always the case for non-native speakers! Non-native speakers often face difficulty pronouncing American English consonants and vowels, which interferes with their everyday communication. To develop great verbal skills, they need a good understanding of the American sound system. English accent training benefits everyone regardless of their position or which workforce segment your company operates in. Simply put, accent reduction training helps employees speak with confidence. Find out why English speech training and American accent training help employees master their verbal skills!

1. Accent Reduction Training is Better than Self-Studying


Learning English is not an easy feat for any non-native English speaker. Good verbal skills simply can’t be developed through illustrative materials such as the internet, books and dictionaries. Often times, you need someone to point out your strengths and weaknesses, and practice accordingly. Most non-native English speakers use the melody, stress and rhythm of their native language organically. Sometimes they even do so without their knowing! When employees are conversing in English with colleagues, vendors, or even strangers in professional or social situations, they need to be able to do so clearly and correctly.


Rather than placing the burden on listeners to figure out what your employees are saying, employees need their spoken English to be both effective and responsive. For a good level of comprehension of the English language, workers need to master a variety of speech elements, such as pitch variability for multi-syllable words and sentences, voice inflection, projection, stress and intonation. An awareness of these verbal skills by modifying their accents helps them gain confidence and improve their conversational skills, which are paramount in the workplace. This allows them to significantly improve their efficiency by communicating in a clear and succinct manner.


2. Accent Reduction Training is Cost-Efficient


Accent modification classes are highly useful, but your employees will need time to travel to the venue. Language Connections, a Boston-based language training company, offers customizable private Accent reduction classes with face-to-face instruction that cater to client’s needs. LC’s Accent reduction classes are designed to perfect non-native speakers’ English from the comfort of their own office, or wherever is convenient. Employees can stay on-site, thereby saving on time and travel expenses!


3. Accent Reduction Training Courses are Aptly Structured


English pronunciation courses are taught by instructors who are experts at teaching pronunciation. Students’ specific needs are discussed, their speech patterns observed, and appropriate training is formulated to help them achieve their goals. Misusages of words are pointed out, and efforts are directed to fix or mitigate students’ existing flaws. Complex English grammar rules and industry-specific vocabulary are also explained. Each session is designed to provide an opportunity to grow their skills!

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