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Oral presentations can be challenging, especially if English is not a speaker’s native language. According to Brandon Gaille, public speaking is the most popular phobia with 3 out of 4 people or 75% of individuals that suffer from speech anxiety. Nevertheless, being able to present in a confident and organized matter is one of the most important skills a professional of any industry can possess. By delivering a clear and concise message through a presentation, professionals can gain clients, earn revenue, and achieve positive business outcomes. English presentation skills training will help professionals in your company benefit from sharpening their presentation skills and feel more confident whenever they need to give a speech. Presenting in English is crucial, as it avoids misconception and improves the company’s public image.

Why Use Language Connections’ Presenting in English Program

1. Corporate presentation skills training will help avoid misconceptions

No matter the industry, your employees will most likely have to present at some point in their career. Whether they are presenting a report, selling a product, or giving information, English language presentation skills are key to delivering a clear and concise message. When a person presents in a foreign language, it is very common for them to lack vocabulary and pronunciation, making them feel pressured and insecure. As a result, the message they are trying to convey could be misunderstood and your company could lose business, clients, and overall credibility. By enriching their vocabulary, employees will be able to sharpen their confidence and deliver the presentation in a more professional way.  This will help them contribute more to your company’s bottom line and maintaining its reputation.


2. Presentation skills training for companies will improve your company’s public image

The impact of a powerful presentation is underrated.  Companies often misguidedly allow employees who lack English skills to deliver a presentation.  As a result, many businesses are unable to close deals or retain clients because of unprofessionalism and miscommunication.  To avoid these pitfalls, presentation skills in English are crucial for professionals to obtain.  It gives them an extra boost to improve the way they pronounce words and use grammar. By improving their English, your employees will better communicate when presenting and building strong customer relationships.  This will ensure a higher level of professionalism and improve the overall public image of your company.

Our Presenting in English Course

Our ESL presentation skills program is offered nationwide.  It’s designed for professionals of any industry that could benefit from improving their English language and allow them to deliver presentations for your company in a more professional and concise way.

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