Clinical Trial Translation

What Are Clinical Trial Translation Services?

Clinical trial translation addresses the need in the pharmaceutical and medical devices industries to communicate and interact with increasingly larger international populations during global research.

It encompasses the translation of pre-trial documentation, patient recruitment and reporting documentation, post-trial documentation, and packaging, labeling, and marketing materials for market entry.

Clinical trial translation services also cover the adaptation of the clinical outcome materials to ensure appropriate and accurate data collection through a process known as Linguistic Validation.

Why Perform Clinical Trial Translation Services?

There are a variety of reasons why clinical trial translation services need to be performed. The main reason is that translated copies of patient materials are required by the FDA, IRBs, and other international regulatory bodies in order for global trials to be approved – such requirements include Informed Consent translation and clinical trial protocol translation.

Clinical trial translations also work to overcome common challenges in patient recruitment by enabling researchers to address cultural barriers to trial participation with prospective patients, and increasing researchers’ abilities to communicate with otherwise underrepresented minorities.

Performing translation ensures the following:

  • Approval by FDA, IRB, and other international regulatory bodies
  • Accurate data collection and comparison across diverse patient populations
  • Ability to increase minority participation in clinical trials
  • Decreased risks associated with poor communication, or unlawfully obtained informed consent
  • Successful market entry through cultural and linguistic adaptation of materials to target populations

How Does Language Connections Provide Clinical Trial Translation?

We understand the regulations faced by CROs, pharmaceutical companies, and medical device manufacturers when it comes to addressing language barriers in clinical trials. Our translation services abide by strict quality control processes, and are only ever performed by vetted, native speaking linguists with experience in the life sciences.

Clinical trials have firm deadlines – our services are flexible and scalable to ensure that all your translation needs are addressed on time, and within budget.

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