English Language Translation


As a Language Service Provider located in Boston MA, Language Connections has a large network of professional translators who provide English translation services from, and in to, over 100 of the world’s major languages. Our translators provide English language translation for documents and content in a variety of industries.

We provide both English language translation, as well as English interpretation services for individual use, meetings, conferences, clinical trials, research and more.

 English Language Translation Services


Our English language translations cover a range of services including:

  • English Document Translation
  • English Interpretation Services
  • English Website Localization
  • English DTP Services
  • English Marketing Services
  • English Localization
  • English Transcription
  • English E-Learning Translation & Localization
  • English Language Training
  • English Language Consulting
  • English Conference Translation & Interpretation Services

All of our English translators are native English speakers, and fluent in their target languages. Our experienced project managers not only possess experience in the fields of linguistics and translation, they are also bilingual and speak fluent English, enabling them to provide the highest level of overview and communication with clients and translators.

English as a Language


Today English is the lingua franca of international business and negotiations, as well as politics, sciences and media. It is originally a Germanic language with many influences including French, Latin and Greek. It is currently the language with the third largest native speaking population, an official language of the UN, and most common in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Ireland, Canada and New Zealand.

Over the centuries it has changed dramatically, notably through four major transformations from Old to Middle English, then to Early Modern English and finally ending in the current Late Modern English that we use for our English translation services today.

English Language Translation for Your Industry


For over 20 years, Language Connections has been providing English language translation to some of the top names in their industries, including Harvard, MIT, MannKind Corporation, the Naval War College and more.

All of the professional translators in the Language Connections Network are specialized in the industries of our clients. Project managers complete a thorough vetting of all English translators to ensure they have proper accreditation and a proven track record in translation and their area of specialization.

Our linguists provide English language translation for the following industries:

  • Medical & Healthcare
  • Patent, Corporate, Immigration & Compliance Law
  • Education
  • International Development
  • Business
  • Government

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