Simultaneous Interpretation Services

Simultaneous interpretation is when a speech, or other form of oral communication, is interpreted as it is spoken so as not to disrupt the flow of a speaker. It is sometimes mistaken as Simultaneous Translation; however, the act of conveying speech from one language to another orally is known in the linguistic industry as interpreting.

Generally simultaneous interpreters work in pairs, and sit in a sound-proof booth while having access to a video feed of the speaker. They will then interpret the speech to listeners in an uninterrupted flow via microphones or headsets.

Specialized equipment, which can be provided upon request, is almost always required to maintain seamless communication through simultaneous interpretation services.

Who Needs Simultaneous Interpretation Services?

Simultaneous interpretation is ideal for large events where two or more languages are involved and information has to be relayed quickly to audience members in order for them to participate in the event. Such events could include:

  • Conferences
  • Symposia
  • Executive Training Programs
  • Large Presentations
  • Conferences
  • Symposia
  • Executive Training Programs
  • Large Presentations

Providing simultaneous interpreting services is beneficial as they can effectively break down the language barriers that often hinder communication between those who are native speakers of different languages. For example, if you are hosting foreign delegations at an event, it is necessary to provide them with all necessary linguistic support so their language is not a hindrance to their enjoyment while they attend. In a situation like this, simultaneous interpretation would be ideal so the delegates are able to follow along and participate in real time.

Simultaneous Interpreting Vs. Consecutive Interpreting

Contrary to simultaneous interpreting, consecutive interpreting occurs between breaks or natural pauses in conversation that allow interpretation. So the speaker speaks for a few minutes, then pauses.

A professional interpreter takes notes and then orally translates the speaker’s message during the pause. Consecutive interpreters are ideal for small-scale settings and face-to-face meetings where only two languages are being used.

They are commonly used at Medical and Legal Appointments, Court Hearings, One-on-One Meetings and small groups such as Workshops, Business Meetings, Interviews, Press Conferences or Teleconferences.

New York Interpreters - Modes of Interpretation

Simultaneous Interpreting Equipment

Ideally, simultaneous interpreters will be working with simultaneous interpreting equipment. This specialized technology allows simultaneous interpreting services to be performed in such a way, as to not interrupt or distract the speaker or listeners during the event.

Language Connections offers equipment and professional setup for your events. For more information on equipment offerings, please visit our Interpreting Equipment page.

What is Whispered Interpreting?

Whispered Interpreting is very similar to simultaneous interpreting, in that the interpreter will be relaying information to their client while a speaker is talking, however, it will be done in a hushed (or whisper) tone directly into the listeners ear. As such the interpreter is usually very close to the listener.

Whispered interpretation requires intense concentration by the interpreter to hear every word spoken, and to provide an accurate rendition in the target language. Whispered interpreting is suitable for business meetings and negotiations, small group meetings or site visits (workshops, factories, facilities, etc.).

How Do We Provide Simultaneous Interpretation Services?

At Language Connections, we offer simultaneous interpretation services that include a qualified and experienced interpreter, as well as all necessary technology upon request. Our simultaneous interpretation project manager will work with you during the planning stages, all the way through the actual event.

If you are looking for language solutions relating to conferences, we offer everything you need to ensure communication is smooth – from translation of materials prior to the date, to the simultaneous interpreting services and equipment for the actual event.

Our simultaneous interpreters cover more than 100 of the world’s major languages, and all major industries. We ensure that our interpreters are all subject matter experts, allowing them to provide a continuous flow of interpretation using correct terminology and phrasing – ensuring your listeners are never confused or lost in translation.

We provide language solutions for all major industries including:

  • Medical
  • Legal
  • Education
  • Business
  • Technology & Manufacturing
  • Government
  • International Development

About Language Connections:

Language Connections is one of the top language service companies in the US. Over the last 30 years, we’ve focused on providing the best business translation services, interpreting services, as well as interpreter training and customized language training programs. In addition to top-tier corporate language training, we offer certified corporate interpreters and professional business translation services in 200+ languages. Our network includes linguists with backgrounds in all major industries. They’re ready to meet your needs, whether they’re for technical translation services, legal translation, government translation services, international development translation services, education translation services, life sciences translation, or something else. Reach out to us today for a free quote on our cost-efficient and timely translation services, interpreters, or other linguistic services.

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Language Connections delivers first-rate legal translation quickly. We use their interpreters for international training programs. These people are true professionals. We have found them to be extremely reliable and flexible.

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Language Connections has provided us with a very good first impression and has not let us down! They worked on a seminar with a large number of participants, which demanded simultaneous translation of postings as quickly as possible and with great command of French. We were impressed by the quality of their work, flexibility to work long hours as needed to complete all translations on time, and their high level of computer savvy.

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