Why your company needs e-Learning Translation

The number of companies expanding internationally has significantly increased, which means many companies have a more diverse and globally-dispersed workforce.  A company’s workforce forms the foundation of a company and their productivity is key to the company’s success. When a company has entered new markets in other countries, it is inevitable that its employees will speak more than one language. English is undeniably an international language spoken by most people around the world, but that doesn’t mean that everyone feels comfortable speaking something other than his/her native language. Professional E-learning translation by a company that provides site translation services is imperative for a multinational business. Here are 3 reasons why e-learning translation is necessary for your company.

How can e-Learning Translation be beneficial for your company?

1. Cost-Efficiency

cost-efficiency-e-learning-translationTranslating your training content by hiring a professional website translation company might seem like a big investment. However, it will save you time in the long term.  You’ll save the cost of preparing classrooms, training and paying trainers, materials like books or manuals, and reimbursing participants’ travels/lodging.  Choosing a web translation services company to help you implement e-Learning translation could help your company reduce business expenses by cutting training costs. Therefore, developing quality online training courses, then translating and localizing them, is a more cost-efficient strategy than developing courses and teaching them around the world.

2. Time-Saving

time-efficiency-e-learning-translationTraining employees in a non-digital way that are scattered across the world, can be time-consuming—not to mention that it’s possible some will not be able to attend classes in one specific location. Save time and increase productivity by hiring a company that provides e-learning translation services.

3. Attract and Retain valuable employees

attract-and-retain-employees-e-learning-translationHaving an international business gives you the opportunity to enter new markets and expand your target audience.  However, training employees from vastly different cultures and languages can be difficult. Recruit qualified employees and retain them.  Employees learn better when the website content is familiar to them and the courses are in their native language. When your online training courses are not only translated into specific languages, but also localized by a professional website translation company, that indicates to them that you value your employees.  It also makes it easier for them to train. As a result, workforce retention and productivity increase.

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