The Benefits of Having Corporate English Classes On-Site

Corporate English language training programs are becoming essential for businesses that rely on ESL workforces to operate. Investing in language training for employees can improve overall work performance, as well as safety.

There are many benefits to providing English courses for companies at the workplace, and if properly coordinated corporate English classes on-site can be standardized to operate in remote business locations as well.

What Are Benefits Of On-Site Language Training?

Corporate English classes on-site at your place of work have a multitude of benefits. First and foremost is the convenience that comes with your employees not having to travel to a training location.

  • Convenience

    Often times language training is encouraged rather than mandatory, and employees may be less inclined to go to courses if they have to go out of their way to attend. Conducting on-site language training can help mitigate the inconvenience of travel, while also allowing employers scheduling corporate English language training flexibility. As the training is being done on-site, managers can choose to send their employees during designated work hours or directly after. All in all it’s convenient for everyone involved!

  • Motivation

    A second benefit is on-site language training can motivate employees. Being in the environment where the knowledge gained from corporate ESL classes will be put to use can help students connect abstract or hard to grasp ideas about language to the work they are performing. If they are at their place of work and can recognize the situations in which they would use English language skills, they are more likely to understand the value of the training and be motivated to continue on with it.

  • Personal Interaction

    The third benefit (though certainly not last) is the one on one time students will invariably get with coaches by attending corporate English classes on-site. Effective language learning requires interaction with native speakers – on-site language training lets students interact with their coaches in real time, asking questions as they arise. It also allows for better conversation overall which is the best way for ESL students to practice their language abilities.

Coordinating Remote Corporate Language Training

Most businesses will have multiple locations around the country, or even worldwide, with similar language needs. Rolling out language training for all ESL employees is a delicate process:  you need to make sure that programs are built to achieve the same goals, but are tailored to best account for individual employees in different locations.

Language Connections does this in three steps:

  • First by outlining a clear objective of the overall goals you have for your employees. This could be anything from improving their understanding of construction words in English to ensure safety, to building up their business English skills for better client interaction.
  • Second, once we understand the aim for your corporate language training plan, we build a curriculum that is tailored to your industry, goals, and students of different backgrounds and language levels.
  • Third, our coaches then take this curriculum and use it as a standard outline which they customize for their students. This allows us to adapt our corporate ESL classes on an individual level to meet employees’ language and learning needs, while ensuring all training locations gain the same knowledge and achieve your ultimate end goal.

Choosing a Corporate Language Training Program

English for professionals is a large investment, and you want to make sure that employees take full advantage of it. The best way to do this is by offering them a tailored program that fits in with their schedules and one that promotes the benefits of attending.

You also want to ensure that your employees – no matter their locations – are all getting the same high-quality English training. As such, you want to choose a corporate English language training program that is flexible in nature and can be scaled depending on your changing needs.

Language Connections offers completely customized corporate English classes on-site, no matter where your business is located. We work nationwide improving the English language fluency of employees in industries and roles such as:

  • Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals
  • Corporate Business and Project Management
  • Construction
  • Retail and Customer Facing Roles
  • Hospitality
  • Home Care
  • Banking and Insurance
  • IT
  • Oil and Gas

To get more details about our on-site language training for your company, contact us today to speak with a dedicated account manager!