Why your company needs English for Project Management

English for Project ManagementIn the dynamic environment of project management, communication is vital for a successful project manager. According to an article by LiquidPlanner, 90% of a project manager’s time is spent communicating. Project managers need to successfully share their priorities and tasks with their team and coworkers. Classes in English for project management are beneficial to current and future project managers on your team that want to become more successful and contribute more to your company.

The Value of English for Project Management

There are a wide-spread of industries a project manager can partake in, ranging anywhere from construction to management or manufacturing. As our economy is globalizing, the demand for project management professionals is increasing. More and more companies are doing business abroad, and taking English for professionals courses can be the key to project managers who must effectively convey their message across borders. English courses for project management will help professionals achieve a higher-level of confidence and apply a more extensive vocabulary to their daily business activities. English training for project management is a must for such valuable resources as the project managers of your team, and essential for them in becoming successful professionals. Here are two reasons why:

Firstly, being able to effectively communicate a plan is essential for a solid execution. Often, professionals who lack a strong base of business English have a hard time communicating when doing business. This can lead to a lack of confidence and poor performance in the workplace. As a project manager, it is extremely important to not only know English, but also to have a knowledge of the vocabulary and expressions related to planning and executing projects. Whether dealing with domestic or international projects, project managers must be extremely clear when conveying their ideas.  The success of a project and proper use of a budget begin from an effective communication. ESL courses for project management will expand their knowledge of English as project management professionals and allow them to communicate better and perform at a higher level.

A second reason why customized language training can be so helpful for project managers is that it improves their negotiation and leadership skills. As a project manager, a major responsibility is to negotiate with external stakeholders. To become an effective negotiator, a project management professional needs to be an active listener, analyze complications, and solve problems as effectively as possible.  Better English will obviously help project managers perform these skills better.

Like negotiation, leadership is one of the key components in being a successful project manager. Managing a project from beginning to end, in addition to gracefully dealing with a team of people, is challenging if you don’t have a common language culture. English is vital when it comes to implementing these tasks.  It is the language of business and opens doors to whoever does business at a global level. Thus, ESL classes for project management will help your project managers improve key skills for their project and company’s success.


Our English for Project Management Course

Our English programs for project management course is offered nationwide and prepares students to communicate better with coworkers, clients, vendors, and managers.

English for project managers includes industry-specific vocabulary.  It also helps students build written and spoken English skills for important tasks like planning and initiating a project, assigning project tasks, managing projects across borders and resolving conflicts.

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