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“Turkish Delight” – Turkish Clinical Trial Translation

Turkish Clinical Trial Translation Turkish Delight: Translating Turkish Clinical Trials As Published in The Journal of International Clinical Trials, Feb 2011 By: Karen Politis Virk Director of Biotech & Pharmaceutical Research Clinical trials conducted in emerging regions have expanded to include several countries that were once less dominant in clinical research ...
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Can English Unite SE Asian Markets?

Can English Unite SE Asian Markets? The ASEAN Community 2015 (AEC 2015) initiative aims to form a unified economic system throughout the region by the end of 2015. Despite the obvious advantages for the region, this unity involves overcoming several challenges, including IP differences, economic disparity among different country nations, ...
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Clinical Trials in Mexico: the Challenges

Clinical Trials in Mexico: Addressing the Challenges Western Europe are encountering various challenges in clinical trial research, ranging from high costs to inadequate patient recruitment rates. This has resulted in a growing trend to transfer clinical research into newly emerging regions of the world. Latin America has recently emerged as ...
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The Future of Biotech in China

The Future of Biotech in China Will China Overcome Its Barriers? Recent trends in the pharmaceutical industry show an increase in the development and manufacturing of biological products. Although bio-pharmaceutical manufacturing has been greatly facilitated by the development of new technologies, difficulties persist in regulating biological products manufactured in different ...
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Patient Recruitment in Clinical Trials

Patient Recruitment in Global Clinical Trials Highly successful patient recruitment and lower costs in many countries have spurred the surge in globalization of clinical trials. Increasingly, international clinical trials are conducted in developing regions including several countries in Latin America, Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), and Asia. Patient recruitment rates ...
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The Missing Minorities

The Missing Minorities The inadequate  representation  of  ethnic  and racial   minority   groups   in   clinical   trials taking place in the United States is currently of great concern. Although minority groups should not carry an unfair burden in clinical research, they also should not be excluded from participation in clinical trials.1 Research ...
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Language & Culture in Global Clinical Trials

Language & Culture in Global Clinical Trials By Karen Politis Virk, MS Many emerging countries, such as India, China, Mexico, Brazil, and Russia, are rapidly becoming prominent outsourcing locations for clinical research. A wider availability of patients, low operational costs and positive patient attitudes towards clinical trials has driven this ...
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Clinical Trials in South Africa

CLINICAL TRIALS IN SOUTH AFRICA By Karen Politis Virk, M.S. Due to the cost of developing biopharmaceutical products, and problems with adequate subject recruitment for clinical trials in the United States and Western Europe, outsourcing clinical research in newly emerging regions is increasingly common. Although the most dominant emerging regions ...
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Conducting Clinical Trials in India: What are the Challenges?

Conducting Clinical Trials in India: What are the Challenges? By Karen Politis Virk As demands for reducing drug development costs and achieving higher patient recruitment rates increase, India is projected to become a dominant clinical trial location. By 2011, it is expected that India will conduct more than 15% of ...
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Dealing with Multiple Languages & Cultures

CLINICAL TRIALS IN CENTRAL & EASTERN EUROPE: Multiple Cultures By Karen Politis Virk As costs for drug development in the United States (U.S.) increase, pharmaceutical and biotech companies are increasingly considering clinical studies abroad. This is in large part due to the fact that many countries can conduct clinical trials ...
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China’s Clinical Trial Boom

China’s Clinical Trial Boom By Karen Politis Virk Due to unprecedented economic growth and increased healthcare expenditures, experts predict that by 2012 China will be the world’s fourth largest pharmaceutical market. In addition to increased production and distribution by foreign pharmaceuticals, China has become one of the region’s primary locations ...
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Latin America’s Trials Climate

Latin America’s Trials Climate By Karen Politis Virk Several countries in Central and Eastern Europe, Asia, and Latin America are among the most prominent new locations for outsourcing clinical trials. In the past, few clinical trials were conducted in Latin America due to a number of factors including poverty, political ...
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Addressing Issues Affecting Clinical Trial

Addressing issues affecting clinical trials in Brazil Karen Politis Virk Introduction Due to escalating costs of bringing drugs to market, many biopharmaceutical companies are outsourcing clinical trials to emerging countries. Among emerging regions, Latin America has several dominant out-sourcing locations for clinical research, notably Brazil, Mexico, and Argentina. All of ...
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Language Barriers in Global Trials

Language Barriers in Global Trials Effective native language communication is an essential component in the success of international clinical trials, and as the number of trials conducted in newly emerging regions—including countries in Latin America, Central and Eastern  Europe (CEE), and  Asia—continues  to  increase, so does the challenge of overcoming ...
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Lands of Opportunity?

LANDS OF OPPORTUNITY? Global offshoring has become a prominent industry trend due to the high costs of pharmaceutical and biologicals manufacturing in traditional western markets. This trend is most noticeable in developing countries that can offer high-quality manufacturing capabilities at significantly lower costs. At present 20% of the pharma companies ...
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Today’s Russian Clinical Trial Environment

Today’s Russian Clinical Trial Environment International Journal of Clinical Practice 2010 By Karen Politis Virk, M.S. Due to the escalating costs of bringing a drug to market, many pharmaceutical and biotech companies are outsourcing clinical research to emerging regions. One emerging country in particular that has expanded its clinical research sector ...
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Korea Path

Korea Path Karen Politis Virk at Language Connections looks at the challenges and benefits of outsourcing clinical trials to South Korea The pharmaceutical industry has turned to outsourcing clinical research to emerging markets in an attempt to reduce drug development costs. Several new Asian markets have emerged as promising clinical ...
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Clinical Trials in Latin America

Clinical Trials in Emerging Latin American Countries Addressing the Challenges By Karen Politis Virk As biopharmaceutical companies continue to expand into new emerging markets in order to cut costs and meet growing requirements, several countries in Latin America have exhibited significant growth in outsourced clinical research. According to DataEdge market ...
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