What Makes a Good Interpreter

Hiring an interpreter for your conference or meeting is like hiring a new member for your team. Therefore, it’s important to know what makes a good interpreter in the first place. From language fluency, to eloquence and subject matter expertise – there are many qualities to look for when choosing an interpreter. Language Connections makes sure that all of our professional interpreters have what it takes to tackle projects from business interviews to full-scale bio-pharmaceutical conferences.

What Makes a Good Interpreter - Language Connections Translation Agency

Video Transcript:

Interviewer: So as we all know it’s very important to have highly skilled interpreters at conferences like the one we’re at today. How do you go about selecting interpreters for events like these?

Leo: First of all we try to focus on the specific, subject matter expertise that is required, and we find specialists in each specific area of knowledge. Could be law, medicine, technology – but we try to find people who know their subject matter.

The qualities of a good interpreter are very important, [he or she] has to be well read, [an] intelligent person with absolutely bilingual and bicultural [knowledge], with rich vocabulary who possess a great memory, eloquence…and we look at their resumes and their voice samples, try to find if they worked for major international organizations such as [the] UN, European Union, World Bank, International Monetary Funds, and various US associations like [the] American Translators Association, [the] International Association of Conference Interpreters and so on. These are people who take their profession very seriously, and this is the kind of people we try to find and offer to our clients.

We Know What Makes a Good Interpreter, This is How We Choose Ours

Now that you know what makes a good interpreter, you’re probably wondering how we make sure our interpreters meet and exceed these expectations. The Language Connections’ Network of professional interpreters is built on a strict quality control process. To start, our interpretation project managers perform language and degree accreditation checks –  ensuring every interpreter on our team is a trained professional with a degree from a well known institution.

Next, all interpreters in our network are expected to adhere to certain quality guidelines which include; interpreting at a high skill level consistently, continuing their training and studies as an interpreter for long-lasting improvement, and being responsive and punctual – among other things.


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