Translation Services in New York

Growing Demand For Translation Services In New York

Do you need translation services in New York?

If your answer is yes, you are part of a very large demand in NYC that is expected to continue growing, reaching about $37 billion nationwide by 2018, increasing at a rate of roughly 5.52% annually.

Over the past 13 or so years, New York City alone has spent $130 million for contracts and services from Language Service Providers (LSPs). With roughly 1.8 million people considered to be limited in English proficiency (LEP), and companies across the city investing time and money into LSPs, the demand for translation services in New York is expected to continue growing.

Why Look For Translation Services In New York?

What’s a common link between government agencies, international corporations and community services? Many, in one way or another, provide services to multilingual communities and require those services be rendered into their native languages.

Whether or not your work is in one of these three sectors or elsewhere, NY translators or even an interpreter in NY will be a common requirement for many institutions and organizations due to laws set in place like:

  • Local Law 73 (2003 – requires HRA to provide services in native languages for those enrolling in Safety Net programs)
  • Executive Order 120 (2008 – expands language requirements to many other agencies)
  • Safe RX Legislation (2013 – requires chain pharmacies to provide translation and interpretation for individuals with limited English proficiency).
  • Local Law 30 (2017 – requires any NYC agencies providing emergency or public services to translate public documents in four new languages: Arabic, French, Urdu, and Polish).

Aside from legal purposes, community organizations providing services for immigrants and LEP citizens, as well as businesses looking to reach a wider audience of LEP or international individuals, will need to contract translation services in New York to aid them in their endeavors.

The translation industry, like many others, has become saturated with players both large and small. The best way to start looking for translation NYC, or any other language services, is to outline what you expect out of an agency.

Language Connections’ Translation Services

Language Connections prides itself on maintaining the original, client and language focused approach to translation that can be lost in larger corporations, while still providing the same caliber of language services. For over 20 years we have been providing translation services in New York and New York interpreter services.

This has allowed us to build a large network of translators and interpreters who:

  • work in over 100 of the world’s major languages
  • are industry experts in Government, Business, Education, Life Sciences, Law and many other sectors
  • who are trained in modern technical translation tools to increase speed & efficiency while decreasing costs

With such a broad scope of professionals, we are able to provide you with professional translation services in New York that meet the necessary knowledge and skill requirements for your particular project.

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