Three Reasons to Translate Your Company Brochures into Different Languages

Company brochures have the power to capture potential customers. However, a company brochure that’s only in one language, or translated poorly, can alienate some of these customers.  As the economy becomes more and more global and countries like the US become more multilingual, here are three reasons why it’s a good investment to translate company brochures.

translate company brochures

1. Appeal to a Wider Variety of Potential Clients

A well-designed company brochure can be the difference between making and breaking a solid first impression on a potential client/partner. If your company operates in big cities or multicultural areas, it is imperative to translate your company brochure into the major languages spoken in the region.  Meeting a client on their level, with marketing materials that are in their language and localized to their culture will separate you from your competition.  As they say, people do business with people.  Making sure your brochure feels like it was written by people like your client can help you close the deal.

2. Enter New, International Markets

A company brochure that’s translated into multiple languages can be a powerful tool to help expand into offshore markets. Along with translating website marketing material into your target language(s), deciding to translate company brochures can be a boost to your international marketing efforts. Brochures localized by a reputable language translation services provider, like Language Connections, can give it a culturally relevant edge in the target country/region. A good localization services provider takes into consideration the cultural references and quirks associated with the spoken language(s). As a result, the brochure will contain culturally sound language that will resonate well with potential local clients and really get your company’s message across!

3. Attract Clients Speaking the Minority Language

When it comes to languages that are spoken by a minority population, many companies just don’t put in the effort.  If you translate you company brochure into these minority languages, you’re reaching out to a whole population that is frequently alienated by your competition.  Use professional translation services to translate your company brochure and you’ll scoop up a whole market share of ripe fruit, ready for the picking!

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