manufacturing translation services

Language Connections has over 15 years of experience providing manufacturing translation services. We help manufacturers communicate with their consumers, workforce and partners, no matter what language they speak. From global marketing initiatives to changes in internal regulations, we’ve got the linguistic tools you need to succeed.

Our worldwide network includes subject-matter experts who know both the language you require and the product you work with. Manufacturers can count on us for industrial translation solutions in energy and mining, consumer products, transportation, aerospace and more. Language Connections speaks the language of manufacturing.

Manufacturing Translation Services for Documents

We offer you the technical and linguistic competency to provide manufacturing translation services for the following:

  • CE registration & EU directives
  • Contracts and site agreements
  • Corporate materials
  • E-learning
  • Employee handbooks
  • Health and safety regulations and documentation
  • Labels and packaging
  • Machinery-related materials
  • Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
  • Product and user manuals
  • Sales and marketing materials
  • Technical documentation (UI strings and software)
  • Technical drawings (design & manufacture)
  • Technical Manuals (all levels of complexity)
  • Websites

Manufacturing Interpreting Services

As well as providing excellent quality translations, we are also equipped to meet your interpreting needs. Our native-speaking linguists are on hand and ready to help you bridge the gap between potential or existing clients. With advanced degrees and qualifications in your specific subject matter field, Language Connections guarantees that our interpreters produce superior service to all our clients.

We offer interpreting support for:

  • Face-to-face meetings with international clients
  • Negotiations between management and employees
  • Training seminars for manufacturing processes and regulations
  • Tours of company facilities

Language Connections’ Complete Services:

Aside from manufacturing translation services, Language Connections provides linguistic support from in-person interpretation for international business dealings to e-learning and training localization to maximize worker safety. We handle a wide range of services, including:

  • Document translation
  • Interpreting (conference, simultaneous & consecutive)
  • E-learning and training localization
  • Website and mobile localization
  • Legal support
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