Expert Interpretation Services

Over the years, Language Connections has provided interpretation services for legal and medical meetings, large academic conferences, international diplomatic visits and more. Helping clients in a variety of settings and industries has allowed us to develop a particular understanding and expertise when it comes to what’s required when providing interpretation services.

Expert Interpretation Services - Language Connections Translation

Video Transcript:

Interviewer: So I understand that Language Connections has the reputation of being one of the best interpretation agencies in the country – what makes you guys experts in this field?

Leo: For over 20 years we’ve been providing conference solutions in Asia, Africa, [the] Middle East, Europe and of course North America. And we’ve learned to debrief our clients very, very carefully before the event. We try to understand who their target audience is , what are the overall objectives of the event, [a] training session, a conference [etc.], and then we provide different solutions – either simultaneous, or consecutive, telephonic, video interpreting, what type of equipment to use and so on.

So differentiation and understanding the client really, really well. And another thing is their goal, overall goal – what are they trying to achieve? This is something that we strive to be good at.

Services That You Can Trust

Any interpretation agency can claim they’re experts in providing interpretation services – how do you make sure they’re telling you the truth? Knowing what to look for in an interpreting agency can help. One of the first things you should check for is, of course, if they have experience handling interpreting for your type of project. Other ways you can check are by making sure:

  • The agency vetts all their interpreters for experience and subject matter knowledge
  • The agency only hires interpreters who are fluent speakers of your target language(s)
  • The agency requests as much information about your event and audience as possible, in order to prep the interpreter

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