Certified Translation

What is Certified Translation?

If you’ve ever had to get professional translation services before, you may have looked for a certified translator or come across a requirement that your translation be certified.

But what does certified really mean in each instance?

The difference between a Certified Translator & Certified Translation

To begin, there is a difference between a certified translation and a certified translator:

  • Certified Translator: In the U.S. a certified translator is one who has passed an exam that tests his or her knowledge and skills. It often must be renewed and serves as proof of accuracy of the translator’s abilities.
  • Certified Translation: A certified translation refers to a translation accompanied by a certificate of accuracy which states that, to the best of the agency’s or translators knowledge, the translation is accurate.

In the case of specific documents, such as legal papers, you may be required to provide a certificate of accuracy alongside your translation. This demonstrates to the receivers of the documents that they have been translated correctly.

However, the translator who worked on those documents does not need to be certified in order for a certificate of accuracy to be supplied. Often times, certified translators are requested by clients – or provided by default depending on the translation agency’s vetting requirements – in order to ensure an extra level of experience.

Why Work With A Translation Company?

Most professional translation companies will offer certification of their work (not to be confused with notarization) as part of the overall package. They will also have a large network of translators which will likely include certified translators for your language pairs and subject matter.

Thus working with a translation agency is efficient and will ensure the highest amount of precision in the translation of your documents. Accuracy after all is what separates a certified translator or certified translation from one done by an untrained, bilingual individual.

Language Connections’ Certified Translation

Established over 20 years ago, the Language Connections team has proven experience of our versatility and skill to produce accurate results. We offer certified translation across multiple industries including technical, medical, legal, education and business, and our network of linguists includes certified translators covering over 100 languages.

Furthermore our language translation services are backed up by a thorough quality assurance procedure and a meticulous vetting process for all of our linguists to guarantee the highest quality language services.

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