Why does GDPR translation matter outside of the EU?

Your company may not operate in the European Union.  However, you’ll still need to understand the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and prepare accordingly. Any company that deals with EU businesses’, residents’, or citizens’ data must be in compliance with these new regulations.


GDPR is a new set of rules designed to give EU citizens more control over their personal data. This EU framework applies to all businesses and individuals in all member-states and others involved in business dealings within the EU. The legislation essentially requires every major corporation in the world to be GDPR-compliant. With this challenge laid out for so many businesses, GDPR translation is now a necessity and the benefits that accompany it are numerous.

GDPR translation services

What can GDPR translation services do for me?

One of the most important components to any business is maintaining satisfaction and loyalty among your customers and suppliers. With GDPR awareness growing, many clients may look to see if the businesses they prefer are in compliance. Customers may distrust companies who are not in compliance, thereby limiting the potential for growth and profitability with your business.


In addition, the impact of a GDPR fine could have a devastating effect on your businesses’ bottom line. There are two levels of very harsh fines. Lower-level violations can warrant a fine of €10 million, or two percent of the violating company’s worldwide annual revenue, whichever is higher. More serious violations can merit a fine of €20 million, or four percent of annual revenue — again, whichever is higher.


GDPR regulations are becoming more important in our digital world, but most companies took years to implement the correct tools for GDPR regulation. Starting with basic steps can put you in the lead for when the regulations do take hold in other countries. If you are proactive with GDPR translation services you will be ahead of your competitors.


A professional website translation company can help with GDPR translation and can translate your website.  These services will help build trust among clients and suppliers by demonstrating perfect compliance. Even if you do not yet conduct business with European consumers, it’s smart to prepare for the day the US enacts its own data protection regulations (this is coming sooner than you’d think) by having basic things, like a privacy policy, in place.


All GDPR-relevant documents should be accurately translated by a professional business translation company. Language Connections offers an array of business translation services to assist you in aligning your company with GDPR. Whether you need to translate a website or need corporate translation services, our language services company will make it a smooth process.